One of these things is unlike the other

Dear changing body,
As long as it serves a purpose in the near future…I guess I’m okay with it.

There are SO many things people warn you about while being pregnant…but some things…oh buddy! They are a complete surprise!!!

Some things I’m glad to experience myself. Some things I’m just fascinated with. But SOME things I’d just rather happen to others, and not me! Ok…there are a lot of things I wish other people were feeling instead of me. I hope this is like a little bank account. Sort of if I go through all of this stuff now, God will be all like:”eh…well you put up with all that pregnancy jazz…maybe I’ll give you a super quiet and sleepy baby!” Does that happen?! If so, I have been making daily deposits into said account for the last 6 months.


Princess and mommy

Today we unexpectedly got to take a good glimpse at out little Angel!
She was almost 2 lbs-measured a tad underweight but they said it’s ok.


See!! She loves that mouth! There’s usually a hand in it!!! I already know my heart is changing and will continue to change when she comes!! Mommy loves you, bunny!!


The skinny on the bump and momma:

How do you feel?
Today I was tired ALL day!! Not as much back pain after running around because I got to relax and get comfortable to rest
Emotional!!!! Takes a lot to NOT make me cry these days!

Fried pickles an BBQ chicken pizza. Oh and chocolate ice cream-I just ate a whole darn tub!!

Weight gain:
14 lbs so far (according to johns evil scale)

Baby’s weight:
VERY close to 2lbs!!!

Baby’s length: approximately 14 inches long

They say she’s the size of a cabbage. I believe it…not much room in these here parts lol

Someone notices I was expecting without me telling them!!!
Baby e is kicking harder now than ever and you can see it more clearly.

As a mother I pray no milestones are ever missed and that they can always be cherished between myself and daddy because once one is missed, there’s never another first time again. It’s priceless!

We will get to see baby Eddins every 2 weeks from now on and I’m gonna love it!

Good night all!

The colors of our new life

Dill pickle.

The color of our living room.

French press (chocolate ice cream).

The color of our kitchen above white panels.

Silver dollar and harbor breeze-upstairs rooms.


Color of my face when I see that John would like to use shades of orange dark red for he dining area.

Lol it’s all settled now.
The reason I love the current colors are because John and I BOTH liked them all! That’s amazing, y’all!
Keep that right on coming!!!! TEAM EDDINS!!!!

In other news: Im one fragile little flower lately. I could cry at the drop of a hat. Seriously, if you told me bath and body works are discontinuing their hand soap-complete meltdown. Disorder ensues. If you are unfortunate enough to see/make me cry-dont let it get to u. Keep in mind that I’m just a little emotional ball of tears and need to be delicately handled.

Today we got to see baby E this am! I wasn’t excited at all because this is the week where I’m due for my glucose fasting test. Yuck! It wasn’t too bad I just like focus of the visits to be on hearing and seeing baby. We shortly got my wish. My tummy is a little small so they wanted to make sure baby was still in princess form via ultrasound-and she was! I can clearly see through the pictures that she is the most beautiful baby ever. Not up for debate.

I’ve had a little topic I’d like to bring up..
Every time I send anyone ultrasound pictures I get responses like” is something wrong with the baby?” or .”are you sure it’s alright bc you get so many ultrasounds” I know they care and bless their hearts but guys, if something Important was going on in our princesses life, and we needed support from you-we will let you know asap! We know you love us and we love you as well. Just trust us-we will know when and how to involve you in certain scenarios.

Bad nights lead to good days.

Ya’ll last night was unsatisfactory at best for me.  John came over and his sweet face resembled sleeping beauty.  His sweet sounds were more like the beast.

But I can’t really blame my lack of sleep on poor John.  My stomach is stretching to the max and BOY IT HURTS!!!  It’s like one of those growing cramps you probably got as a kid in your legs…where you have to move around and can’t really find anything to relieve it!  Oh well, I got through it because here I am!

Today was great, I ate baked spaghetti and watched hurricaine Irene on my TV.  News is my thing.  Love it.

Then John and I went and got a pizza and snuck it into a movie.  GO TEAM EDDINS!

The move was My Idiot Brother.  I thought it was super cute but john got rather bored with it.  Then, we galivanted around walmart a little while and came home so he could rub on me.  Thank you Jesus!!!

Well hopefully this night will be better and I will sleep like a rock.  Assuming rocks have an awesome sleep cycle.


The baby has been going buck wild lately ALL THE TIME YA’LL!  I think there is some definite flippage going on in there.  She is going to be a dancer, I already know this.  I also know that she will love her Daddy to no end.  And she may or may not be picky like mommy!!! 🙂  Mommy is loving to feel all this movement!

Goodnight ya’ll…Mommy is going to bed.

How did I get here?

These typical nights are all to familiar!  Me and baby just hanging out at my apartment.

I think this is my babys evil plot to make me spend the most quality time with her possible.

Not very many things sound fun to me anymore.  Sitting on hard surfaces kills my back and even just sitting for more than 30 minutes bothers me to be honest and I start to feel a little miserable.  So when I know upcoming events entail hard seats I usually decline an invite.

Being anywhere that everyone is drinking beer is kind of a flop also.  Ya see, being pregnant makes you the ONLY SOBER SOUL AROUND during these times.  No bueno.  Those jokes that everyone thinks are so funny…meh…they’re kinda stupid to the sober girl.  And the smell of booze…excuse me while I turn green.

So here my girl and I are just hanging out kicking and rubbing…tumbling and rubbing…rinse and repeat.  It’s not a bad life…just a boring one for now!  On the up side, I finally mentally feel up to doing things besides having an afternoon worshiping of the porcelain Gods.

Things that got us to this point

This week is my 26th week of carrying around this little princess.  For those (normal people) of you who hate to count up the weeks- that’s 6.5 Months!  That sounds like a REALLY LONG TIME to me!  But it hasn’t been that long now that I reflect on it.  Time seemed to pass really slow the first 4-18 weeks because I was sick every. single. day.  It was BAD.

Poor John.  He had to witness my episodes anytime he was over.  It wasn’t pretty.  I’ll spare you the details, but for real, feel sorry for him.  And me for that matter!

I’m glad I am finally out of that stage because it was definitely the worst I’ve ever felt, probably because it was nonstop for 3.5 months.  Now I only HAVE3.5 more months to go- Nobody really tells you that you are pregnant 10 months, not 9.  I will feel really strange if I make it to 40 weeks because then I will be telling people I am 10 months pregnant!!

What is your energy level?  It’s pretty good, even thought my favorite thing to do is NOTHING!  I just want to relax all the time and get it all in before the baby comes.

Symptoms:  My back kills, and my gums bleed…but people, I HAVE GREAT NAILS!

Cravings:  Fried pickles, pizza, and Fish sticks.  In that order.  If you just asked me to pick one I’d have to say Fried pickles all the way.

Weight Gain: 13 lbs (or so John’s scale says)

  • What is baby up to?  She is 1.75 lbs and 14 inches long.  (I’m not sure how she fits in there!)
  • She can see light and hear noises.
  • She LOVES my physical therapist…I think it’ s because the lady will press on my stomach and it wakes her up.  She will kick her hand EVERY TIME, ya’ll!  It’s pretty cool.

Things I Love:

  • To watch and feel baby move around.  I could seriously do (and have) this for hours!!
  • When John will sit and rub my belly.
  • When (familiar) people will touch my belly and tell me how cute it is.  I haven’t had any strangers touch me yet, and I’m okay with that.  I’m not sure it would freak me out- stay posted on that.
  • Being home.

Things I miss:

  • My jeans.  I miss them all dearly.

Big things that are happening soon:

  • Vacation for Labor day with John’s family.
  • Childbirth Classes in September
  • September 2 we have another DR appointment for baby.

That’s a lot to take in.


Hey there, Bell here.

I’ll try to catch you up to speed on the last year and 1/2 of my life…

69 Weeks ago I moved from Chattanooga, Tennessee to my current humble abode in Birmingham, AL.

39 Weeks ago I met my wonderful  boyfriend.  In a bar.  Don’t judge, ya’ll…My grandparents met in a bar!

28 Weeks ago we went on our first real date.

22 Weeks ago we found out we are having  a baby.   Try to keep up, folks.

14 Weeks ago we found out our baby is indeed, A GIRL!!

2 Weeks ago our bid on a new home together was accepted!  YAY!

I feel like things are happening at such a rapid rate- I need to start writing everything down just to keep track of our life!

John and I at a Christmas Party a few weeks after we met