Things that got us to this point

This week is my 26th week of carrying around this little princess.  For those (normal people) of you who hate to count up the weeks- that’s 6.5 Months!  That sounds like a REALLY LONG TIME to me!  But it hasn’t been that long now that I reflect on it.  Time seemed to pass really slow the first 4-18 weeks because I was sick every. single. day.  It was BAD.

Poor John.  He had to witness my episodes anytime he was over.  It wasn’t pretty.  I’ll spare you the details, but for real, feel sorry for him.  And me for that matter!

I’m glad I am finally out of that stage because it was definitely the worst I’ve ever felt, probably because it was nonstop for 3.5 months.  Now I only HAVE3.5 more months to go- Nobody really tells you that you are pregnant 10 months, not 9.  I will feel really strange if I make it to 40 weeks because then I will be telling people I am 10 months pregnant!!

What is your energy level?  It’s pretty good, even thought my favorite thing to do is NOTHING!  I just want to relax all the time and get it all in before the baby comes.

Symptoms:  My back kills, and my gums bleed…but people, I HAVE GREAT NAILS!

Cravings:  Fried pickles, pizza, and Fish sticks.  In that order.  If you just asked me to pick one I’d have to say Fried pickles all the way.

Weight Gain: 13 lbs (or so John’s scale says)

  • What is baby up to?  She is 1.75 lbs and 14 inches long.  (I’m not sure how she fits in there!)
  • She can see light and hear noises.
  • She LOVES my physical therapist…I think it’ s because the lady will press on my stomach and it wakes her up.  She will kick her hand EVERY TIME, ya’ll!  It’s pretty cool.

Things I Love:

  • To watch and feel baby move around.  I could seriously do (and have) this for hours!!
  • When John will sit and rub my belly.
  • When (familiar) people will touch my belly and tell me how cute it is.  I haven’t had any strangers touch me yet, and I’m okay with that.  I’m not sure it would freak me out- stay posted on that.
  • Being home.

Things I miss:

  • My jeans.  I miss them all dearly.

Big things that are happening soon:

  • Vacation for Labor day with John’s family.
  • Childbirth Classes in September
  • September 2 we have another DR appointment for baby.

That’s a lot to take in.


2 thoughts on “Things that got us to this point

  1. You poor thing! I can relate to the sickness ALL the time. I didn’t think it would ever be THIS bad. I am jealous you are so much farther ahead of me. I never felt bad for guys before but after being so sick, my husband (and yours) deserve a lot of credit!

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