Bad nights lead to good days.

Ya’ll last night was unsatisfactory at best for me.  John came over and his sweet face resembled sleeping beauty.  His sweet sounds were more like the beast.

But I can’t really blame my lack of sleep on poor John.  My stomach is stretching to the max and BOY IT HURTS!!!  It’s like one of those growing cramps you probably got as a kid in your legs…where you have to move around and can’t really find anything to relieve it!  Oh well, I got through it because here I am!

Today was great, I ate baked spaghetti and watched hurricaine Irene on my TV.  News is my thing.  Love it.

Then John and I went and got a pizza and snuck it into a movie.  GO TEAM EDDINS!

The move was My Idiot Brother.  I thought it was super cute but john got rather bored with it.  Then, we galivanted around walmart a little while and came home so he could rub on me.  Thank you Jesus!!!

Well hopefully this night will be better and I will sleep like a rock.  Assuming rocks have an awesome sleep cycle.


The baby has been going buck wild lately ALL THE TIME YA’LL!  I think there is some definite flippage going on in there.  She is going to be a dancer, I already know this.  I also know that she will love her Daddy to no end.  And she may or may not be picky like mommy!!! 🙂  Mommy is loving to feel all this movement!

Goodnight ya’ll…Mommy is going to bed.


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