How did I get here?

These typical nights are all to familiar!  Me and baby just hanging out at my apartment.

I think this is my babys evil plot to make me spend the most quality time with her possible.

Not very many things sound fun to me anymore.  Sitting on hard surfaces kills my back and even just sitting for more than 30 minutes bothers me to be honest and I start to feel a little miserable.  So when I know upcoming events entail hard seats I usually decline an invite.

Being anywhere that everyone is drinking beer is kind of a flop also.  Ya see, being pregnant makes you the ONLY SOBER SOUL AROUND during these times.  No bueno.  Those jokes that everyone thinks are so funny…meh…they’re kinda stupid to the sober girl.  And the smell of booze…excuse me while I turn green.

So here my girl and I are just hanging out kicking and rubbing…tumbling and rubbing…rinse and repeat.  It’s not a bad life…just a boring one for now!  On the up side, I finally mentally feel up to doing things besides having an afternoon worshiping of the porcelain Gods.


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