Princess and mommy

Today we unexpectedly got to take a good glimpse at out little Angel!
She was almost 2 lbs-measured a tad underweight but they said it’s ok.


See!! She loves that mouth! There’s usually a hand in it!!! I already know my heart is changing and will continue to change when she comes!! Mommy loves you, bunny!!


The skinny on the bump and momma:

How do you feel?
Today I was tired ALL day!! Not as much back pain after running around because I got to relax and get comfortable to rest
Emotional!!!! Takes a lot to NOT make me cry these days!

Fried pickles an BBQ chicken pizza. Oh and chocolate ice cream-I just ate a whole darn tub!!

Weight gain:
14 lbs so far (according to johns evil scale)

Baby’s weight:
VERY close to 2lbs!!!

Baby’s length: approximately 14 inches long

They say she’s the size of a cabbage. I believe it…not much room in these here parts lol

Someone notices I was expecting without me telling them!!!
Baby e is kicking harder now than ever and you can see it more clearly.

As a mother I pray no milestones are ever missed and that they can always be cherished between myself and daddy because once one is missed, there’s never another first time again. It’s priceless!

We will get to see baby Eddins every 2 weeks from now on and I’m gonna love it!

Good night all!


One thought on “Princess and mommy

  1. mmmm….deep fried pickles! I love them. Hardly anyone has every heard of these in the Midwest. I don’t know of any restaurant with this so I have to make homemade.

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