The colors of our new life

Dill pickle.

The color of our living room.

French press (chocolate ice cream).

The color of our kitchen above white panels.

Silver dollar and harbor breeze-upstairs rooms.


Color of my face when I see that John would like to use shades of orange dark red for he dining area.

Lol it’s all settled now.
The reason I love the current colors are because John and I BOTH liked them all! That’s amazing, y’all!
Keep that right on coming!!!! TEAM EDDINS!!!!

In other news: Im one fragile little flower lately. I could cry at the drop of a hat. Seriously, if you told me bath and body works are discontinuing their hand soap-complete meltdown. Disorder ensues. If you are unfortunate enough to see/make me cry-dont let it get to u. Keep in mind that I’m just a little emotional ball of tears and need to be delicately handled.

Today we got to see baby E this am! I wasn’t excited at all because this is the week where I’m due for my glucose fasting test. Yuck! It wasn’t too bad I just like focus of the visits to be on hearing and seeing baby. We shortly got my wish. My tummy is a little small so they wanted to make sure baby was still in princess form via ultrasound-and she was! I can clearly see through the pictures that she is the most beautiful baby ever. Not up for debate.

I’ve had a little topic I’d like to bring up..
Every time I send anyone ultrasound pictures I get responses like” is something wrong with the baby?” or .”are you sure it’s alright bc you get so many ultrasounds” I know they care and bless their hearts but guys, if something Important was going on in our princesses life, and we needed support from you-we will let you know asap! We know you love us and we love you as well. Just trust us-we will know when and how to involve you in certain scenarios.


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