Divvy it up!

What To Expect:

Baby – 7 1/2 lbs
Placenta- 1 1/2 lbs
Aminotic Fluid- 2 pounds
Uterine Enlargement – 2 Pounds
Breast Tissue – 2 pounds
Blood Volume – 4 pounds
Fluids in Maternal tissue- 4 pounds
Maternal Fat stores – 7 pounds

That is if you gained 30 pounds. Approx weight.

That’s encouraging. Even my blood is fat. I feel like a cow sometimes lol I hope it all goes away when baby comes!!!! 🙂


ALMOST 31 weeks!!


I encounter some interesting people throughout my day.  Because I work in a large place…the people are rather…eclectic.  They say some really off the wall things to me.  Things, that if I didn’t know their personality, would probably make me feel really bad!

I’d like to quote a few people:

  • “oh my gosh Bell, you’ve REALLY been eating, huh?!”
  • “You just get bigger and bigger every day I see you!”
  • “Are you like, about to give birth soon!?” (ok that one was a little inappropriate but I couldn’t leave it out!)

Good thing I can tell when people mean well! 🙂

I have to wonder if I’ve said inappropriate things to pregnant women before and just never gave it a second thought because I meant well!


How many weeks: 31 (well, almost!)

Size of baby: Um…maybe 3lbs?  I don’t think they update what size they think she is until we do another ultrasound.  They DID say I was measuring a week ahead (at 32 weeks)…which is a change because I WAS a week behind.  I’ve done some major growing in 2 weeks.  It’s pretty evident to myself and others.

Total Weight Gain: according to Johns evil scale- 22lbs

Movement: A lot.  All the time!!!  I can press around my tummy and figure out if I am feeling a head or feet…IT’S CREEPY.  John agrees.  He keeps saying: “stop picking on the baby!!!!!”

Sleep: Hah.  No.  3-4 hours a night.  And it’s usually not quality sleep.

What I miss:  Sitting and standing comfortably.  The only comfortable position is laying down on my side…even when I sit, my stomach presses against my legs!  EW!

Cravings:  I can’t really pin point any cravings this week.  A lot of the time, I feel like there’s just no way that anything else can fit inside of my abdomen…maybe that’s why I don’t really specifically crave anything right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I eat A LOT.

Symptoms: Ugh.  My pelvis hurts really bad.  My feet are a close second with hurting today.  Unpleasant things are happening to my bust.  I don’t even have the guts to go mention what they are.

Clothes:  I LOVE FRANCESCA’S!!!  They have stuff that I would wear on a normal day (and will later).    I’m not super duper into maternity stores.  Well, except for pants.  Regular pants don’t work for me now.  I have even grown out of some of my maternity jeans.  No bueno.

Good things that happened this week:

  • I started painting our cabinets so they don’t look so old fashioned.
  • John’s mom brought over the dog zapper.  (We WILL train these darn dogs!!!!!!)
  • The doctor assured me that the baby is not falling out.  Contrary to what I have been thinking.  The pressure is crazy!
  • It’s teen mom tuesday.  The best night for television ever.  Too bad this is the last one for a while!
  • Although birth class was terrifying, we had a moment of laughter during what was supposed to be meditation.  I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard at John.

Post Maternity Class

Hey, Ya’ll! Let me introduce you to someone in my class. Some know her as Anxiety Annie, some fondly refer to her as Prozac Peggy, I like to call her Scary Mary.

Scary Mary is afraid of EVERYTHING!!! And she can tell you every horror birth story she’s ever heard. People, I would not lie to you about this. The girl nearly has a panic attack when we talk about birth and babies in general. Right before she speaks, everyone kind of looks around the room like “here we go with this girl -who has documented any unpleasant pregnancy there ever was on the face of the earth.”

Teacher: ” Any concerns with birth so far based on the video?”

Prozac Peggy: ” Oh yes, me, I DO!!!! When my momma had me, she was ripped plum to her B – hole!!!! She had the infection where poop seeps through the vaginal wall and comes out her hoo haa. It was terrible!!!! What a dumb doctor she had.”

REALLY PEGGY? PLEASE STOP. In fact, please withdraw yourself from this particular course. You are making all of us look like a deer staring right into the car that will inevitably hit it.

Maybe she will go into labor early and we won’t all have to be horrified every class by her anymore!

John and I are the couple who giggle when the Anus is shown in a diagram. haha come’on… you know it’s funny!!

I hate this class. There. I said it.

It just scares me more than normal and I want to run out of it every time!!!

One good bit of news came from this class. They announced that the fancy new birthing suite opens dec 3. THAT IS MY DUE DATE!!!!!!! SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!! Maybe this will change my mind on wanting her early! 🙂

Today started out bad. But it is ending well with this bit of knowledge and now I’m home with my honey.

Here’s to a better day at work tomorrow! Today was a little too sub par.

Google fail.

Tonight is another birthing class (cue scary music)…

They scare me more than TLC’s  “A Baby Story”!

What’s worse is I randomly see the women who put together this class at my workplace…and all I can think about is I need to tell them to cut out the part where they shove a baby doll through a skeleton pelvis.  Avoidance is key here, people.

Maybe these classes are why I only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night.

I got to hear baby move around for around an hour today at the DR office…it was neat, but a little nerve racking because I CANNOT READ FETAL MONITOR STRIPS!  I was alone with said fetal machine.  So when something strange would print out I wanted to say “HEY COME IN HERE AND LOOK AT THIS WHAT’S GOING ON!?”  Apparently nothing.  And googling “how to read a fetal monitor” didn’t get me anywhere today.

Say a little prayer for my feet tonight.  They may never be the same.

30 week 2 days post


So I decided to get a little dolled up today in an effort to feel less cow like and more lady like!


Hello baby bump…You’re unknowingly in your 70th photoshoot.


I love Archamedes my hooty hoo owl!  He watches over baby E when I’m in la la land!


I love these lil ole boots!  Got them at target a few years ago on the cheap cheap!



Today I helped my Auntie kay with a wedding she was hosting at her house.  It was all very nice!  I did sit back and notice some children though.  I see kids all the time that are disrespectful and into everything and I have to think to myself: “Oh no.  Not MY BABY!!!!”   My baby will be polite and kind…she will listen to Mommy and Daddy.  And if she doesn’t, she and I will have a little talk that will hopefully clear up any confusion about what should be going on.

I think this a lot.  Why do some parents just let their kids run around and be terrorists!?  lol  Not my baby.

We have a lot to learn on how to discipline in general.  You see we have 2 disobedient dogs.  We are learning that spanking does not help when dogs do something wrong.  Why the heck would it work on children?  We will eventually obtain some super special secret about disciplining children and our little girl will be a perfect angel.  Mark my words!  lol  Maybe she will be such an angel, she will never need to be disciplined! 🙂

It’s crazy to think that in 6 weeks, if our girl were born, she would be healthy and not need to go to the NICU for any help.  THAT IS INSANE.  That is SO SOON!!!  I have so much to do!  And how do I do it when my feet kill!?  I guess where there is a will there is a way.

Nice to finally post.  Off to bed now and I promise I will have something nice up tomorrow evening!!

30 weeks

How many weeks? 30

What do I crave? Bacon topped donuts

How do I feel? Ugh. 😦 my feet. My pelvis. My stuffy nose!!!! I’m just uncomfortable…which is discouraging because I still have a couple more months to go and to get worse!! And I feel SO unattractive. Acquiring a beer belly in a few moths can do that to a girl.

What do I like to do? Same as usual. Lay down. Feel and watch baby move. Rest. I wish everyone could join me in all this resting and baby moving!

Big things that are happening:

Jersey shore tonight. Aww yea.

Birthing classes every Monday. THEY FREAK ME OUT! The best part is when the lady brings out a pelvis skeleton and shoves a doll through it. Really?!!! Lady, if you want me go be mode relaxed about birth-show me how the epirdural works. I already know how the baby comes out. Or at least the general area of which all focus will be , and the baby -to-exit- size ratios. It’s like an improper fraction. In my…pelvis.

Things I like:
My pink nail polish. Mainly because I can’t reach my toes long enough to do French tips anymore.

Owls. Heart be still. Owls are the “in thing” and that means every store is coming out with cute decorations and clothes with owls!

Pregnancy blogs. I can’t get enough of seeing other pregnant journeys!!!

Things that creep me out:
Hair feathers. Okay, I like owls. I don’t like owls in my hair. Birds are strange.

Crime shows. I’ve been fine with these until we moved…now they get incorporated into my dreams. Not cool. My dreams are way to vivid… And I’ve figured out I dream exactly what I worry about.

What I need to do:
Paint the Babys room.

Handcrafted by…ME!

I keep trying to think of ways to create great memories for my little girl.  Our AWESOME Realtor, Tina said it best when she said that we inadvertently create good memories and traditions for our children.  We just start doing something they love and we don’t even mean to!  I have been thinking about memories since the day she said that!


Things I remember from being a kid:

  • Dinners with both sets of grandparents every weekend.  We would do supper on Friday nights at Nanny’s house and then lunch at Mammaw and Pampaw’s house on Sunday.  This is an excellent idea.  Good fun and more importantly good grandma food. 🙂  YUM!!!
  • At Mammaw’s house we would go tadpole fishing in the creek and my Pampaw would let me ride on the tractor around the yard with him, and later when I was old enough, without him!  They’d also let me have HOURS OF PAINTING TIME!  I really wish I had taken more advantage of what art skills they could’ve given me…
  • At Nanny’s I would rollerblade in her apartment kitchen while dinner cooked.  I know…I’m an only child.  That’s how this happens.  But…I loved it!!  After dinner we would watch all the TGIFriday shows!  Religiously.
  • Nanny would always take me to go see my Paw Paw who was in the nursing home for a good bit of my childhood.  I really liked to go there and help him with dinners…the rabbit ice…the wheelchair fun!  Being in a nursing home as a kid is much more fun than visiting as an adult.  The world is so much neater then.
  • I remember my parents ALWAYS doing the whole Santa Clause and Easter Bunny routine.  It worked.  Every Christmas they would write me a letter from Santa (in my mother’s handwriting, so I suspect she was the mastermind).  Every Easter there would be grass scattered about our house.  Even in my room.  HOW DID I NOT WAKE UP WHEN A GIANT BUNNY BROKE INTO MY ROOM!?  Anywho, he left me an easter basket every year so who cares about the break in!  Bravo Mother!
  • Speaking of Christmas…every year, my Daddy orchestrated this great Christmas light hunt.  Every Christmas we would get in the car with our GIANT video camera and go find random houses with lots of lights and a variety of lawn ornaments.
  • I remember my Mom taking me to see my Daddy at his work and letting me sit on the high counter top to say him.

Those are just a few things I can think of right off the top of my head.  But I find myself going over and over memories trying to figure out what was best about them and how I can create our own for my family.   I want to have a pedicure night where we paint our piggies!  I want to watch movies together!   I picture my baby girl waiting in the door way looking out the window when I tell her Daddy is coming home.  I think about bath time a lot.  I really love the idea of having beach time every week with her and getting all beachy for that!    When I go to random places I will say “Hey John, can we bring the baby here every week because I loved it!”  (I.e. PIZZA HUT BUFFET!)  I think about family dinners and how much I really liked taco night- maybe we can have themed night!  I know, this is getting out of control.

Off to thinking about more ideas!  I’m excited to see the memories that we handcraft without even knowing!


The Brain of a Pregnant Lady

It’s a crazy thing.  Pregnant ladies think about the strangest and craziest things.  If I told anyone some of the crazy thoughts I’ve had they would…well, THINK I’M CRAZY!  They’re thoughts that I can’t even rationalize…I know they’re crazy when I think them.  And I also know I wouldn’t think about these random things if I wasn’t pregnant and…CRAZY.  🙂

Instead of thinking about how awesome our Jacuzzi tub is and how I’d love to take a bath in it…I think about the kind of faucet cover I want to put on it so that the baby won’t hit her head on the metal faucet that’s on it now.  I think about how I will want to use it later because it’s the biggest and I can put on a bikini and sunglasses and have beach time in our bathroom with baby!  JUST LIKE BETHANNY from bravo tv!  John is thinking about getting matching door knobs for the whole house and I’m looking around at the electrical plugs wondering if the kit I registered for has enough…we have SO MANY OUTLETS!  I may need the jumbo baby safety pack!  John was on the ball with thinking about how we need to put our cleaning supplies up some place high and not in a sink cabinet!  Good work!  I’m glad I’m not the only one with this stuff on my mind!

My feelings get hurt super easily…I will cry because of silly things (i.e. songs on the radio)…I can’t focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes without thinking of something to do with the baby or in preparation for the baby.  I can’t think about ANYTHING WHEN I’M HUNGRY!  It’s a kind of hunger I’ve never felt before…not like I’m regular old hungry…more like: If I don’t eat RIGHT NOW I will fall over and die!  Luckily John has let me be in charge of buying groceries.  I budget in a few tubs of ice cream.  Just in case.


Baby at work!

29 week Update

How many weeks? 29.5 weeks

Weight gain: johns evil scale says 19lbs.

Cravings: chocolate ice cream.

My favorite thing to do: Anything NOT involving standing! My feet hurt so bad!!! Even when I’m not on them for very long. I need orthopedic shoes.

Symptoms: see above. My feet and back hurt! Probably because I’m a giant now!!! I bet this is how the girl from schrek feels.

Things that are hard to do now: staying on my feet. Goig up stairs. Getting up from the floor. Getting up from any position now that I think about it. Carrying things…I mean come on-I’m already carrying a 20lb thing in my tummy!

Things I like: I still really like to lay down and watch my stomach move.

SLEEPY! Must go to bed!!!!:)



Do you know who this is? Cute little lizard who finds himself in an unknown desert and has to save a whole town …RANGO!!! Do you know how Rango walks? Kind of like a bow legged cowboy… I WALK LIKE RANGO NOW!!! I feel like I’m constantly on my way to a good ole gun slingin’.
I feel like pregnant Heidi Klum never walked this way!! 😦 how did she do it!?

No place like home

It’s finally coming together! Even though we have boxes everywhere, we can see what our rooms will soon look like! 🙂 very exciting! I wish I wasn’t so tired…I wish I didn’t get a head cold EVERY September…and…I WISH MY FEET DIDN’T HURT!!! This too shall pass.









Farewell to the hooker clothes!!!!

So I’m unpacking. Unpacking LOTS of clothes. Y’all, it’s hard to let go of perfectly good (and sometimes pricey barely used) clothes!!!! I think back to when I bought them…how much they cost…where I wore them and looked like a million dollars… IT’S A PROCESS!
Well the day has come. I thought it never would. I have to get rid of my scandalous dresses and tops. There. I said it.
Let’s just go ahead and ignore the fact that not even my left boob would fit into some of these tops now. Let’s ignore the fact that my skin is as pale as a pristine white bunny rabbit. Guys…I’m going to be a mommy!!! My baby can’t see me out in these hooker clothes!! My Baby’s friend’s parents can’t see me out in these short skirts!!! They’d go ahead and deem me an unfit mother in accordance with the butt cheek amendment. And so they should.
And so I made my 4 piles:
-post baby clothes (maybe my BFA (look it up) will fit in these after princess arrives.
-Karen. Karen’s the winner here, she gets stuff I can’t (or could never) fit into and even stuff from the below category.
-Hooker clothes. Those glorious outfits that in my very early 20’s would get me ANYTHING I wanted! They made me look skinnier than normal, they made me quick friends super fast, and some may even say they made me superwoman. Who knows.

RIP skank clothing.

Not gonna lie though, I did keep a few that I deemed appropriate for special occasions birthdays, nye parties, and possibly a concert! I’ll be a smoking hott mama if I can fit back into them when said event rolls around.

Another thing-moving sucks. Bad.

Things I associate with moving:
-back pain
-FEET pain (oh.my.GOSH!!!!) John and I are at a loss of words on how to describe what we are feeling in our piggies.
-frustration. John with me. Me with John. Both of us with the disobedient dogs. With my belly. It’s hard to carry anything without trying to rest it on my belly because it comes natural to do that… But it hurts! And I smoosh baby!!!! 😦 sorry, baby…mommy will to not smoosh you anymore.
-feelings of “we will never be done!”
-feelings of being overlooked because there is so much going on.
-not saying thank you enough. Y’all, John moved 80% of our stuff!!! THAT IS A TON!!!! I maybe did 10% and the amigos got the heavy stuff left over. I’m tired and sore from my 10%…John really has outdone himself. Johns mom and dad did a lot too, as well as my aunt- they loaded up a bunch of stuff while I wasn’t watching so I don’t have a percent for them but I know they’ve done more than me and we are so thankful they were here! Auntie Kay even made us a delicious pot pie since we didn’t have time to cook and were a little unsure of our ovens intentions.

In other news:
I hear baby Es heartbeat but no ultrasound. Bummer!!! Then an impromptu pap smear during which I hear “oh no…whoops! Nicked ya a little bit!!” REALLY!!! That flipping hurt!!! I don’t wanna go back ever !!! 😦 today was a bad day. BUT they did tell me my cervix was open a tee tiny bit! That puts this whole baby having process into perspective. It’s coming soon!!!

To bed I go…only to wake up to the cable guy early in the am! Lol well…I’ll wake up WITH john but direct tv guy is next. And he’d better get our service up because it’s my weekly holiday of teen mom Tuesday!!!!!! 🙂

Movin’ on up…

I remember a time when my stomach used to be…ummm..IN MY STOMACH!!! Why is it in my boobs now?!?! I can tell it’s up there because my chest GROWLS! Weird. And heartburn…even from water! WATER!

But I’ve never had a problem with heartburn, I think that’s why it doesn’t bother me that for once in my life I have it. I don’t ever watch what I eat, it’s not that bad yet. It will have to be pretty darn bad for me to look at a basket of fried pickles and say to myself: “eh…I’ll pass on those.” Not happening.

Where is the room in this photo to BREATHE!?

What am I obsessed with lately?

  • OWLS! John is convinced that my home made owl pillows are going to freak the baby out because they have such GIANT eyes! He says they look like they’re on drugs. 🙂 They’re staying!
  • Jenny Pulos from Flipped. I have always loved watching her on TV…but she took it to another level this week! SHE HAS A CHILDREN’S RAP CD coming out!! She’s so funny…I can’t wait to hear it! I NEED IT! Anyone who knows me already knew the baby would come out listening to rap. Might as well have baby raps ready upon arrival!!
  • Fried Pickles. Still.
  • Ice cream. Specifically chocolate or black cherry with chocolate bits. I estimate a gallon a week. And that is just because I am entirely to lazy to make a trip to publix or wal-mart to retrieve more of said yummy goodness. It’s bad.

Pregnancy Pet-Peeves

  • I still stand by my peeve of not liking when people tell me something is wrong with me and I need to see a doctor when I complain about a pregnancy symptom! I see the DR every 2 weeks now…and call if anything is wrong! I’m tired…not sick. My back hurts because I’m carrying an extra 18 lbs in my stomach, not because I’m a broken woman. So I don’t eat a lot of steak…my prerogative! Everyone keeps trying to push food on me that I don’t want and sometimes don’t like. I’m already getting fat, quit pushing MORE food on me!
  • When I do say anything about how I’ve been feeling some people will say: “Oh you just wait until the baby comes!”… I don’t like that. I know my baby will cry, I will not sleep, I will be sore in more than one place! And lots of other really hard things…but I don’t need people to focus on the negative things that come with a baby. I like to hear the positive! I’ve learned to just say “OK” to everything…but come’on people! Throw me a bone!

28 Weeks and counting…

How do you feel?

I am almost always tired!  And stuffy!  Every since the first month I have had nasal problems and I’ve heard that will continue until birth!

Cravings:  FRIED PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!

Weight gain: 18 lbs so far (according to johns evil scale)

Baby’s weight: The good ole internet says 2.25 lbs…I will find out for sure next Monday when I go to my next appointment!  I hope I get to see her again with an ultrasound!!!!

Baby’s length: approximately 14.8 inches long.  Chinese cabbage? (what is that?!)

Milestones: Baby E has the hiccups every few days!  It took me a couple times to figure out what exactly was going on.  I thought my pulse was just going nuts!  I have this crazy pulse in my belly button that has always been strong enough for people to see with the naked eye!

Sleep: I just need to accept that sleeping a full night with no interruptions is NOT an option and will not be an option for another 10 years.  Sigh.

What I miss: 

  • See above.
  • I miss having the motivation to just do random fun things.  I really just enjoy being lazy at home when I don’t have to do anything, I DON’T!

What I need: 

  • A doughnut to sit on so my pelvis and back don’t hurt as much.
  • Cowgirl boots.
  • A tan.

Big things happening this week:

  • I will finally be able to decorate the baby’s room this weekend if all goes as planned!
  • Auburn game Saturday!