Beatin the beat up

Bunny, what are you doing in there? I’d give anything to see inside there and look at the party you are throwing. In my head I imagine the sounds of techno and I know you’re beatin the beat up, simply because mommy watches an excessive amount of jersey shore. Btw you are NOT allowed to watch that later on in life

Today was a sad day for me. I had to come to terms with the fact I can’t fit into ANY of my old jeans. I packed them, sprinkled some fairy dust on them, and taped the box up! Ugh 😦 people, maternity clothes are super expensive! I only need them 3 months, which makes the price even more not worth t! I will say I’m very happy with the items I bought on sale : Capri skinny jeans, dressy tank top w jewels, and a regular tan baggy top. OH AND…..maternity bras!!! God made those. For reals. They’re going to save me from…well…myself! And maybe even save others from myself!
I can’t wait until we get in our new home and John will be around to see all of Babys pre birth milestones. It’s so easy to miss them not living together. It will happen, it’s just very hard to be patient!! Pregnant women are not patient-but if you tell them that-said pregnant woman may cry. Beware.
I’m ready for our beach trip bc I know I can con one of the kids to sit w me and watch my belly move! I NEED someone to watch. And to validate more that this is happening!!! 🙂
I’m off to sleep in my baggy comfortable PJs! I shall live in these!
Night night y’all


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