28 Weeks and counting…

How do you feel?

I am almost always tired!  And stuffy!  Every since the first month I have had nasal problems and I’ve heard that will continue until birth!

Cravings:  FRIED PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!

Weight gain: 18 lbs so far (according to johns evil scale)

Baby’s weight: The good ole internet says 2.25 lbs…I will find out for sure next Monday when I go to my next appointment!  I hope I get to see her again with an ultrasound!!!!

Baby’s length: approximately 14.8 inches long.  Chinese cabbage? (what is that?!)

Milestones: Baby E has the hiccups every few days!  It took me a couple times to figure out what exactly was going on.  I thought my pulse was just going nuts!  I have this crazy pulse in my belly button that has always been strong enough for people to see with the naked eye!

Sleep: I just need to accept that sleeping a full night with no interruptions is NOT an option and will not be an option for another 10 years.  Sigh.

What I miss: 

  • See above.
  • I miss having the motivation to just do random fun things.  I really just enjoy being lazy at home when I don’t have to do anything, I DON’T!

What I need: 

  • A doughnut to sit on so my pelvis and back don’t hurt as much.
  • Cowgirl boots.
  • A tan.

Big things happening this week:

  • I will finally be able to decorate the baby’s room this weekend if all goes as planned!
  • Auburn game Saturday!





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