Movin’ on up…

I remember a time when my stomach used to be…ummm..IN MY STOMACH!!! Why is it in my boobs now?!?! I can tell it’s up there because my chest GROWLS! Weird. And heartburn…even from water! WATER!

But I’ve never had a problem with heartburn, I think that’s why it doesn’t bother me that for once in my life I have it. I don’t ever watch what I eat, it’s not that bad yet. It will have to be pretty darn bad for me to look at a basket of fried pickles and say to myself: “eh…I’ll pass on those.” Not happening.

Where is the room in this photo to BREATHE!?

What am I obsessed with lately?

  • OWLS! John is convinced that my home made owl pillows are going to freak the baby out because they have such GIANT eyes! He says they look like they’re on drugs. 🙂 They’re staying!
  • Jenny Pulos from Flipped. I have always loved watching her on TV…but she took it to another level this week! SHE HAS A CHILDREN’S RAP CD coming out!! She’s so funny…I can’t wait to hear it! I NEED IT! Anyone who knows me already knew the baby would come out listening to rap. Might as well have baby raps ready upon arrival!!
  • Fried Pickles. Still.
  • Ice cream. Specifically chocolate or black cherry with chocolate bits. I estimate a gallon a week. And that is just because I am entirely to lazy to make a trip to publix or wal-mart to retrieve more of said yummy goodness. It’s bad.

Pregnancy Pet-Peeves

  • I still stand by my peeve of not liking when people tell me something is wrong with me and I need to see a doctor when I complain about a pregnancy symptom! I see the DR every 2 weeks now…and call if anything is wrong! I’m tired…not sick. My back hurts because I’m carrying an extra 18 lbs in my stomach, not because I’m a broken woman. So I don’t eat a lot of steak…my prerogative! Everyone keeps trying to push food on me that I don’t want and sometimes don’t like. I’m already getting fat, quit pushing MORE food on me!
  • When I do say anything about how I’ve been feeling some people will say: “Oh you just wait until the baby comes!”… I don’t like that. I know my baby will cry, I will not sleep, I will be sore in more than one place! And lots of other really hard things…but I don’t need people to focus on the negative things that come with a baby. I like to hear the positive! I’ve learned to just say “OK” to everything…but come’on people! Throw me a bone!

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