29 week Update

How many weeks? 29.5 weeks

Weight gain: johns evil scale says 19lbs.

Cravings: chocolate ice cream.

My favorite thing to do: Anything NOT involving standing! My feet hurt so bad!!! Even when I’m not on them for very long. I need orthopedic shoes.

Symptoms: see above. My feet and back hurt! Probably because I’m a giant now!!! I bet this is how the girl from schrek feels.

Things that are hard to do now: staying on my feet. Goig up stairs. Getting up from the floor. Getting up from any position now that I think about it. Carrying things…I mean come on-I’m already carrying a 20lb thing in my tummy!

Things I like: I still really like to lay down and watch my stomach move.

SLEEPY! Must go to bed!!!!:)


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