The Brain of a Pregnant Lady

It’s a crazy thing.  Pregnant ladies think about the strangest and craziest things.  If I told anyone some of the crazy thoughts I’ve had they would…well, THINK I’M CRAZY!  They’re thoughts that I can’t even rationalize…I know they’re crazy when I think them.  And I also know I wouldn’t think about these random things if I wasn’t pregnant and…CRAZY.  🙂

Instead of thinking about how awesome our Jacuzzi tub is and how I’d love to take a bath in it…I think about the kind of faucet cover I want to put on it so that the baby won’t hit her head on the metal faucet that’s on it now.  I think about how I will want to use it later because it’s the biggest and I can put on a bikini and sunglasses and have beach time in our bathroom with baby!  JUST LIKE BETHANNY from bravo tv!  John is thinking about getting matching door knobs for the whole house and I’m looking around at the electrical plugs wondering if the kit I registered for has enough…we have SO MANY OUTLETS!  I may need the jumbo baby safety pack!  John was on the ball with thinking about how we need to put our cleaning supplies up some place high and not in a sink cabinet!  Good work!  I’m glad I’m not the only one with this stuff on my mind!

My feelings get hurt super easily…I will cry because of silly things (i.e. songs on the radio)…I can’t focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes without thinking of something to do with the baby or in preparation for the baby.  I can’t think about ANYTHING WHEN I’M HUNGRY!  It’s a kind of hunger I’ve never felt before…not like I’m regular old hungry…more like: If I don’t eat RIGHT NOW I will fall over and die!  Luckily John has let me be in charge of buying groceries.  I budget in a few tubs of ice cream.  Just in case.


Baby at work!


One thought on “The Brain of a Pregnant Lady

  1. I can relate on the hungry feeling….before yeah I was hungry but whenever I got to it was fine. Now especially when I have been so sick when I get a slight hunch to eat it’s like “get out of my way I NEED TO EAT NOW!” Not in 5 minutes but NOW!

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