Handcrafted by…ME!

I keep trying to think of ways to create great memories for my little girl.  Our AWESOME Realtor, Tina said it best when she said that we inadvertently create good memories and traditions for our children.  We just start doing something they love and we don’t even mean to!  I have been thinking about memories since the day she said that!


Things I remember from being a kid:

  • Dinners with both sets of grandparents every weekend.  We would do supper on Friday nights at Nanny’s house and then lunch at Mammaw and Pampaw’s house on Sunday.  This is an excellent idea.  Good fun and more importantly good grandma food. 🙂  YUM!!!
  • At Mammaw’s house we would go tadpole fishing in the creek and my Pampaw would let me ride on the tractor around the yard with him, and later when I was old enough, without him!  They’d also let me have HOURS OF PAINTING TIME!  I really wish I had taken more advantage of what art skills they could’ve given me…
  • At Nanny’s I would rollerblade in her apartment kitchen while dinner cooked.  I know…I’m an only child.  That’s how this happens.  But…I loved it!!  After dinner we would watch all the TGIFriday shows!  Religiously.
  • Nanny would always take me to go see my Paw Paw who was in the nursing home for a good bit of my childhood.  I really liked to go there and help him with dinners…the rabbit ice…the wheelchair fun!  Being in a nursing home as a kid is much more fun than visiting as an adult.  The world is so much neater then.
  • I remember my parents ALWAYS doing the whole Santa Clause and Easter Bunny routine.  It worked.  Every Christmas they would write me a letter from Santa (in my mother’s handwriting, so I suspect she was the mastermind).  Every Easter there would be grass scattered about our house.  Even in my room.  HOW DID I NOT WAKE UP WHEN A GIANT BUNNY BROKE INTO MY ROOM!?  Anywho, he left me an easter basket every year so who cares about the break in!  Bravo Mother!
  • Speaking of Christmas…every year, my Daddy orchestrated this great Christmas light hunt.  Every Christmas we would get in the car with our GIANT video camera and go find random houses with lots of lights and a variety of lawn ornaments.
  • I remember my Mom taking me to see my Daddy at his work and letting me sit on the high counter top to say him.

Those are just a few things I can think of right off the top of my head.  But I find myself going over and over memories trying to figure out what was best about them and how I can create our own for my family.   I want to have a pedicure night where we paint our piggies!  I want to watch movies together!   I picture my baby girl waiting in the door way looking out the window when I tell her Daddy is coming home.  I think about bath time a lot.  I really love the idea of having beach time every week with her and getting all beachy for that!    When I go to random places I will say “Hey John, can we bring the baby here every week because I loved it!”  (I.e. PIZZA HUT BUFFET!)  I think about family dinners and how much I really liked taco night- maybe we can have themed night!  I know, this is getting out of control.

Off to thinking about more ideas!  I’m excited to see the memories that we handcraft without even knowing!



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