30 weeks

How many weeks? 30

What do I crave? Bacon topped donuts

How do I feel? Ugh. 😦 my feet. My pelvis. My stuffy nose!!!! I’m just uncomfortable…which is discouraging because I still have a couple more months to go and to get worse!! And I feel SO unattractive. Acquiring a beer belly in a few moths can do that to a girl.

What do I like to do? Same as usual. Lay down. Feel and watch baby move. Rest. I wish everyone could join me in all this resting and baby moving!

Big things that are happening:

Jersey shore tonight. Aww yea.

Birthing classes every Monday. THEY FREAK ME OUT! The best part is when the lady brings out a pelvis skeleton and shoves a doll through it. Really?!!! Lady, if you want me go be mode relaxed about birth-show me how the epirdural works. I already know how the baby comes out. Or at least the general area of which all focus will be , and the baby -to-exit- size ratios. It’s like an improper fraction. In my…pelvis.

Things I like:
My pink nail polish. Mainly because I can’t reach my toes long enough to do French tips anymore.

Owls. Heart be still. Owls are the “in thing” and that means every store is coming out with cute decorations and clothes with owls!

Pregnancy blogs. I can’t get enough of seeing other pregnant journeys!!!

Things that creep me out:
Hair feathers. Okay, I like owls. I don’t like owls in my hair. Birds are strange.

Crime shows. I’ve been fine with these until we moved…now they get incorporated into my dreams. Not cool. My dreams are way to vivid… And I’ve figured out I dream exactly what I worry about.

What I need to do:
Paint the Babys room.


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