Google fail.

Tonight is another birthing class (cue scary music)…

They scare me more than TLC’s  “A Baby Story”!

What’s worse is I randomly see the women who put together this class at my workplace…and all I can think about is I need to tell them to cut out the part where they shove a baby doll through a skeleton pelvis.  Avoidance is key here, people.

Maybe these classes are why I only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night.

I got to hear baby move around for around an hour today at the DR office…it was neat, but a little nerve racking because I CANNOT READ FETAL MONITOR STRIPS!  I was alone with said fetal machine.  So when something strange would print out I wanted to say “HEY COME IN HERE AND LOOK AT THIS WHAT’S GOING ON!?”  Apparently nothing.  And googling “how to read a fetal monitor” didn’t get me anywhere today.

Say a little prayer for my feet tonight.  They may never be the same.


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