ALMOST 31 weeks!!


I encounter some interesting people throughout my day.  Because I work in a large place…the people are rather…eclectic.  They say some really off the wall things to me.  Things, that if I didn’t know their personality, would probably make me feel really bad!

I’d like to quote a few people:

  • “oh my gosh Bell, you’ve REALLY been eating, huh?!”
  • “You just get bigger and bigger every day I see you!”
  • “Are you like, about to give birth soon!?” (ok that one was a little inappropriate but I couldn’t leave it out!)

Good thing I can tell when people mean well! 🙂

I have to wonder if I’ve said inappropriate things to pregnant women before and just never gave it a second thought because I meant well!


How many weeks: 31 (well, almost!)

Size of baby: Um…maybe 3lbs?  I don’t think they update what size they think she is until we do another ultrasound.  They DID say I was measuring a week ahead (at 32 weeks)…which is a change because I WAS a week behind.  I’ve done some major growing in 2 weeks.  It’s pretty evident to myself and others.

Total Weight Gain: according to Johns evil scale- 22lbs

Movement: A lot.  All the time!!!  I can press around my tummy and figure out if I am feeling a head or feet…IT’S CREEPY.  John agrees.  He keeps saying: “stop picking on the baby!!!!!”

Sleep: Hah.  No.  3-4 hours a night.  And it’s usually not quality sleep.

What I miss:  Sitting and standing comfortably.  The only comfortable position is laying down on my side…even when I sit, my stomach presses against my legs!  EW!

Cravings:  I can’t really pin point any cravings this week.  A lot of the time, I feel like there’s just no way that anything else can fit inside of my abdomen…maybe that’s why I don’t really specifically crave anything right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I eat A LOT.

Symptoms: Ugh.  My pelvis hurts really bad.  My feet are a close second with hurting today.  Unpleasant things are happening to my bust.  I don’t even have the guts to go mention what they are.

Clothes:  I LOVE FRANCESCA’S!!!  They have stuff that I would wear on a normal day (and will later).    I’m not super duper into maternity stores.  Well, except for pants.  Regular pants don’t work for me now.  I have even grown out of some of my maternity jeans.  No bueno.

Good things that happened this week:

  • I started painting our cabinets so they don’t look so old fashioned.
  • John’s mom brought over the dog zapper.  (We WILL train these darn dogs!!!!!!)
  • The doctor assured me that the baby is not falling out.  Contrary to what I have been thinking.  The pressure is crazy!
  • It’s teen mom tuesday.  The best night for television ever.  Too bad this is the last one for a while!
  • Although birth class was terrifying, we had a moment of laughter during what was supposed to be meditation.  I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard at John.

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