Everybody loves…Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond

Debra- her frequent complaints about Ray’s family are an running joke.

Ray-he often finds himself in the middle of lots of problems and arguments between the family. He doesn’t take many things seriously, making jokes in nearly every situation. Raymond prefers to watch sports instead of talking with Debra.

Frank-super sarcastic and crass. Throughout the years frank was crafted to look more sympathetic to show his love for his family. He is a member of the caribou lounge, and named man of the year.

Marie-a controlling but loving woman, who criticizes her family often and unknowingly insults them. She excels in cooking, cleaning, and other Things related to keeping a good home and family.

Robert-he is Raymond’s older brother. He is often jealous of the attention his brother receives-although it’s clear Robert cares a great deal about his brother!

Amy- she is Robert’s wife. She is best friend to Debra and partially so because she shares the role of an outsider to Ray’s family.

I really think if I lived in this family it would drive me a little nuts sometimes…BUT aren’t they awesome?! Sure they’re a little crazy, but their funny and you can clearly see they all love each other…and who wants a boring family all the time? Not I.

Moving on!
What did we do this weekend? John and I took a trip to the gulf.

(That’s right…the exact spot mother nature decided to turn into a giant toilet bowl this weekend!)

What did I enjoy?
I’d be lying if I didn’t say the ending to the Auburn game wasn’t fun!

I got to spin around in circles in a pool with a small child attached to me. I know to the average Joe this doesn’t sound all to appealing. But y’all, I LOVE SPINNING AROUND IN CIRCLES!!!!! I have a “quaint” office at my current job and don’t get to experience the swivel chair joys that I used to.(HUGE blow to my workplace morale) but at my old job in Chattanooga, I was free to spin. And I estimate I had around 30 spinning chairs at my disposal. Is it professional? No. Did I LOVE it? YES! And I did a good job so they didn’t deem it appropriate to rain on my spinning parade! Not even once! It was glorious. I think my point is now clear.

Some random guy at the fine establishment of the Flora Bama said that I was pretty. When you feel like a giant fat (wet from a hurricane) cow, you appreciate random people paying you compliments. Even if he had been drinking-it still counts and I still said thank you! 🙂

Johns sister wore the auburn jewelry I made for her! What was even nicer than that? It looked FABULOUS on her! Winning.

Johns mom, sister, and niece were able to feel Baby E move! I feel like every time I want someone to feel, she stops! Maybe she’s shy. It makes sense…I was a VERY shy kid! I still am sometimes!

I liked that Johns nephew instructed him to not “mess up this baby!” LOL!!!! Peyton informed John how important it is to have the baby sleep in the same room as mommy and daddy!

Johns dad and I were able to watch two football games on two tvs (via the help of a strategically placed mirror) while the rest of the family were out getting some grub!


We played monopoly and Dominos.

Things I did not enjoy:
My back bothered me a lot! I was lucky to have the option to lay down for the most part.

The rain and wind! The rain was the heaviest I’ve ever seen, and the wind was probably the strongest I’ve seen. It made me think of the April storms we had here!

Things I learned:

Kids like to follow you to the bathroom. Lol!

Check the date on bakery products. We bought a 2 month old cake! Whoops!

Being a parent is going to be awesome for a long time. This is the second time I’ve heard this. Sometimes you just need to hear things from 2 sources to deem it credible. Right? Don’t most people tell you how awesome their kid is? Well I asked my best friend if she had a favorite stage of life so far with her baby. She said every stage because something is new, fun, and amazing everyday. It must be true! I had a second person tell me that this weekend. And to top it off it was a daddy, not a mommy! That’s 2 same opinions-2 different genders. Really though-it must be true!!! How exciting!

I’ll save one of the sweetest for last! Johns cousin stayed over a night and played monopoly with us. In short, I was poor. FAST. And he offered to give me a few hundred of his own monopoly money so I wouldn’t lose!!! Y’all, being a kid or adult, it’s easy to be selfish! I know because I do it all the time. Heck, I’ve eaten 3 tubs of ice cream in just one week! But he didn’t pick to be selfish! He was totally gonna give the poor pregnant lady his money -just because she was down on her luck! Maybe the pregnant lady could learn something from him!! If you give to others, one day when you need it, someone is going to be looking out for you in the same way!

All in all-a success. Minus the hurricane side effects of getting SOAKED!:)





Beatin the beat up

Bunny, what are you doing in there? I’d give anything to see inside there and look at the party you are throwing. In my head I imagine the sounds of techno and I know you’re beatin the beat up, simply because mommy watches an excessive amount of jersey shore. Btw you are NOT allowed to watch that later on in life

Today was a sad day for me. I had to come to terms with the fact I can’t fit into ANY of my old jeans. I packed them, sprinkled some fairy dust on them, and taped the box up! Ugh 😦 people, maternity clothes are super expensive! I only need them 3 months, which makes the price even more not worth t! I will say I’m very happy with the items I bought on sale : Capri skinny jeans, dressy tank top w jewels, and a regular tan baggy top. OH AND…..maternity bras!!! God made those. For reals. They’re going to save me from…well…myself! And maybe even save others from myself!
I can’t wait until we get in our new home and John will be around to see all of Babys pre birth milestones. It’s so easy to miss them not living together. It will happen, it’s just very hard to be patient!! Pregnant women are not patient-but if you tell them that-said pregnant woman may cry. Beware.
I’m ready for our beach trip bc I know I can con one of the kids to sit w me and watch my belly move! I NEED someone to watch. And to validate more that this is happening!!! 🙂
I’m off to sleep in my baggy comfortable PJs! I shall live in these!
Night night y’all