Give-Away Monday!

I was super excited this morning when I heard the mail truck run! Why? Because I knew what was in it!

You see…last week I was paroozing one of my favorite websites for hand made gifts…, when I came across a shop that sold mineral shampoos and conditioners…and a bunch of other mineral items!

The best part about the set? It smells like cinnamon apples!!! I LOVE holiday scents.

The shop website is:

Denee was kind enough to let me try a sample of her wonderful products! She sent me Autumn Crisp Shampoo & Conditioner…as well as an awesome Pure Mineral Mud Mask. I sort of had a blast with the Mud Mask. I’ve never used one before and was a little tickled at how I looked during the “Mudding” process! FUN!

3 Hours post mudding…My face looks and feels awesome! 🙂 I guess good things come to people who try new things.

Now on to the Shampoo and Conditioner! LOVE IT!! My hair smells of freshly cut apples. Oh. My. Gosh! I haven’t dried it yet, but rest assured, when I do- I will post pictures of what it looks like! I just couldn’t wait to post this give away!

YOU can win all of these products! It’s super easy.

There are two steps:

  • Just comment on this blog post telling me about a beauty product you just CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! (Mine is easy- lipgloss. We have literally 50 of them hidden and scattered around the house and our 2 cars.)
  • THEN…visit Denee’s Facebook page and click “LIKE”. Here is the link to her page:

Of course you will also want to visit her ETSY shop to check out all the awesome products she has up for sale!

On Friday – I will use a random number application to pick out the winning comment! I will announce the winner and get in contact with them to set up shipping of their awesome shampoo/conditioner/and Face Mud!

I must say – I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! So comment away!!!








The crisis

This week I’ve been having major nursery woes. I’ll start the story out by saying Pregnancy makes women crazy. I am and have not ever been excluded from this stereotype. Sometimes I go nuts. Bananas, if you will.
A month ago we got harpers room painted grey. Per my vision. The plan was to have grey walls with POPS of color! The pink
bedding was given to me and all set up and beautiful! I mean really, it was so pretty!
A couple of weeks ago I was given a gift of an alphabet set printed on 8×10 card stock…meant to be hung up. It’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. My favorite letters are the purple and gray ones. I stared at them endlessly for days. I never really gave much thought to a purple/grey combination. Then something inside of me snapped. 🙂 I WANT A PURPLE & GREY ROOM!!!

This has turned into a code yellow nursery crisis.

So I gather up my pink things…haul them to pottery barn kids to exchange!
The little man there looked a little scared. I told him I needed the purple stuff. And some grey.
The little man still looked scared.
He soon informed me that the store doesn’t sell what I want anymore. He looked online and even they stuff available to order was on BACKORDER until the very end of december.

The nursery crisis has escalated to red.

I look at him and start to tear up. He said he’d go check the back for me. There was nothing in back. Actually I think this was his way to steer clear of a pregnant lady who was turning purple trying to hold her tears in.
Well he had to come back sometime. He picked up some tacky bumper and said “well what about this”?! The. I started to really cry. I grabbed the few purple things I had found and rushed out. It was a really sad evening at the pottery barn.

So far I have:
A white ruffle bed skirt
Purple cozy furry crib sheet
A grey damask print blanket to hang over the cribs side
Some purple dragonflies that hang from the ceiling
My sweet grey stuffed owl
A purple hippo lovey
A sweet grey fingerprint tree picture
Entire pottey barn alphabet that I’m in love with and ultimately set this crazy woman into purple/grey overdrive.
A set of home made purple paisley print paintings

What do I need:
A grey print bumper
Lavender curtains
Maybe some purple print fabric :/

It doesn’t look too bad written down. It’s more of a time issue. These things aren’t in local stores. So they have to be made and shipped. The baby could come any time after this week! I am concentrating extra hard to keep her in until I obtain these last few things!!!!





The great pumpkin carve


Let’s start off by stating the obvious…Johns looks AWESOME! Mine…well he kind of looks like a cyclopes owl. Not exactly what I was going for…but I never claimed to be a carving expert. Well…I may have said that earlier in the evening…before the cyclopes effect on my owl.

My best friend in Chattanooga sent me a picture of her sweet baby girl in her Halloween costume today…which provoked me to google “newborn costumes”…I know if I had Harper early we would not be out dressing up…but I kind of wish my due date was sooner now that I have seen all these!!!

I’m having a Rachel Zoe moment – I DIE!!!!! I just die over these costumes. Bananas.







The sweet bumble bee is Emma!!!!! She needs to be a baby model, don’t ya think?!

Sneak peek to give aways

I am super excited to announce a few upcoming give always on the blog!!!! In the next week you will see an opportunity to win some of my favorite new things I’ve discovered via ETSY! You can expect some stretch mark cream, all natural shampoo and conditioner, and of course BABY OWL TOYS!!! All handmade of course! I will list the specifics later in the upcoming week and how you can enter to win them and also check out what other great products these ladies make on their ETSY stores! 🙂

Bucket…and basket list.

  • My parents put me in a bucket when I was little (around 1 year old) and took pictures! Pictures. I’m butt naked too! I tried to hide all of these as the years went by. I’m very certain they still exist.

SOOOOO…..I promised myself a VERY LONG TIME AGO that I would never put my baby in a bucket to take a picture. I changed my mind. I’ve been seeing newborn pictures…and OH MY GOSH! Newborns posed in buckets, giant coffee mugs, and baskets are ADORABLE! I guess it’s time to go bucket shopping.

I can’t post any of the pictures I found online of these sweet baby pictures…BUT Google “newborn baby photo bucket”…and thank me later.

MOVING ALONG… I will do my 35 week post a couple days early…

How Far Along: 35 Weeks (well, in a couple days…)

Size of baby: 5.25 lbs (the size of a honeydew melon and the legnth of your 17 inch laptop screen) Got that second one from

Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs is what the scale says…and it’s said that for a couple weeks so I am hoping I am at a stand still!

Gender: GIRL

Movement: LOTS AS USUAL! I keep reading that her movement will decrease but so far…IT HASN’T! It so much sometimes I cringe! I used to absolutely love it…but that was when it was little love taps. Now it’s aggressive! It’s also a lot lower than normal…A LOT. Like WAYYYYYYYYY down in my pelvis…where I’m told her head is at right now. Which is good.

Sleep: This answer never changes for the better. If it’s not one thing…it’s another! Usually it’s a comfort thing…I only have two sleeping positions available to accommodate the pumpkin attached to my torso. Sometimes I have nightmares…I HATE those!!!! I’ve been told hormones cause these- I’ve had them every since the first few weeks of pregnancy, so it makes sense. They’re always about someone important in my life and I presume this is because as a mother I want to protect my baby and everyone I love who will be involved with my baby’s life- and I need all of them to be there! It’s scary to ever dream that anything happens to my family!

What I miss:

  • Sleeping on my stomach.
  • Walking at a normal pace.
  • Control of my bladder! WHAT?! Yea I can drink a gallon of water…have a RAGING URGE TO PEE…Then pee out a cap full of liquid. What’s up with that?! Where did all that water go? And why did I have to GO SOOOO BAD? Mysteries.
  • Being an awesome cook. (Is that pregnancy related?) I feel like I screw up an element of almost every dish I make lately! I blamed the first few bad dinners on our oven…but I made lasagna tonight…and it…well, it just wasn’t very good. 😦 My goal for tomorrow is to make a good dinner for John.


  • Chili Cheese pups from Krystal.
  • Pumpkin Pie (or my favorite alternative of butternut squash pie:))
  • Tacos are also in my near future.
  • Sprite.
  • and….food from a glorious place in Birmingham…FLIP BURGER. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! They have the best martinis. Guess those are a no go for me…but what makes them so cool, is they use nitrogen to freeze the tops. So when you get your drink it’s smoking from being so cold! I plan to get a shrimp burger, fried okra, sweet potato tots, AND…wait for it….A FRENCH TOAST MILKSHAKE!!! Gosh. Heart be still. This has been one of my favorite places to eat since even before I moved to Birmingham. Please go there and treat yourself. (I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION THE KRISPY KREME DONUT SHAKE. LORDY!!!!)


Big things happening this week:

  • The outside of our house is finished with new vinyl! woohoo!
  • We better be carving our flippin pumpkins!
  • Decorating for a Halloween party on saturday.
  • Maybe going to see paranormal activity…in an effort to scare myself to death when John isn’t home.
  • Car seat installation. (Apparently fire and police departments don’t do this anymore…so John and I are following the instructions step by step to make sure we have little Harper as safe as she can be!!)
  • Maybe go to a new restaurant!
  • Finish the nursery?????? Maybe??????


(OH…MY GOSH!!!!!!!  – This is my friend, Ashley’s, little boy – Easton!  So adorable!!!!)

Urge to rest vs urge to nest

Could it be so? The nesting urge? Maybe I was just a little freaked out by last week’s scare. I kept thinking about things that needed to be done before she could come. So John and I knocked a few of those worries out of the park this week. See our cute pack n play below! 🙂




We also finally put the finishing glaze on our extra bathrooms cabinets.


I was trying to get a feel of how my alphabet letters would look on Harper’s wall…something needs to be changed but not sure yet what. I’m having this crazy pregnant lady thought of I want to change the room colors. To grey and purple instead. Is that crazy? Would it be okay to change the bedding to purple? I will have to sleep on this one. It’s a bold move.


What’s the deal? I’m almost 35 Weeks PREGNANT! That is sooooo close. That means Harper could come in 1.5 weeks (minimum) or 5.5 weeks (maximum). That’s bananas.

How am I? Run down is the best word I can find. After being scared she would come prematurely I was sent home with medicines that lower my blood pressure to prevent contractions. Normal BP is 120/80. These meds lower mine to 74/40……… THAT EQUALS TIRED! I feel like a little wilted flower in the bed half of the time. I’m also on antibiotics that make my mouth taste like a horses… well, you get the point. I’m just maxed out most of the time.

What I miss:


feeling like I had accomplished things during my day.

Being motivated to get pretty. Poor John. He sees “Morning Bell” ALL DAY LONG.

Being tan. Neurtrogena Natural Glow Lotion…you are my savior some days.

Walking like a normal person and not like a hobbet.

What I love:

John…he sees that I am overwhelmed with stuff I want done and just chores in general and has stepped up to do then. He puts up with “lazy Bell”… he overlooks “mean Bell”…. and doesn’t care about “morning Bell”. Bless his soul.

People offer me more help when they see that I’m toting what appears to be a watermelon under my tank top. They open doors…load up groceries, load up anything really into my car, grab me buggies if my hands appear too full, and GET THIS: I ordered a pretty hefty meal at Krystal’s this weekend. The guy deemed the meal too heavy for me to carry and walked it out to my car!!!!!!!!!! SCORE ONE FOR THE PREGNANT LADY!!!!!!

People also don’t judge me when they see me pigging out on 6 plates of pizza at CiCi’s. This theory was recently tested.

Still LOVE for people to touch my stomach. It is a bonding experience for sure!

Love seeing Harper in 4D. Even if it was a scary circumstance- we can see what she will look like when she comes out! I’ve always heard that it’s exactly the same! She has such chubby cheeks!!! OUR LITTLE CHUBBY BUNNY!!!



Cravings: I really wanted Pad Thai chicken today…so I made it! It was yummy.

Big things happening:

Johns says that would be ME. He noticed I had gotten bigger in the belly overnight! Story of my life!

We will carve our first family pumpkins this week!

Jen Amerman came to Birmingham to do our Maternity pictures!!!! You can check her out at

We had so much fun and are both SOOOOOO excited to see the pictures!

Lastly…I thought I had a contraction earlier. 😦 If I have anymore in the am I will call the doctor and see what she wants me to do. Hopefully not stay in the hospital again…that would be TERRIBLE! I want to sleep in my own bed with my fiance. But I want this to stop.


Mommy just has a few things to do before you can come!  Er…or daddy has a few things to do for mommy before you come!


I want to go home y’all

This morning, I get to blog from a hospital bed. I was for sure I wouldn’t still be here-but alas…I am.
I went to my 34 week appointment yesterday a little early because I’d been having contractions. Those, by the way, turned out to be no fun.
After about an hour of being hooked up to my fetal monitor the doctor said “okay miss bell…I’m sending you to LABOR & DELIVERY.”


Okay when you hear you’re heading to that floor it does sound like you’re going there to do 2 pretty specific things. Two of which I don’t want to do for another 2 weeks or more. So I had a little internal breakdown. Told John. Then went to the floor.
I was told I’d probably go home in a few hours. That didn’t happen. Still hasn’t.
6 doses of blood pressure medication (to stop contractions) and 3 doses of Demerol (and 2 less meals) later…I feel like I should be able to go home! Maybe my body will cooperate. The baby is perfect they said-it’s just mommy who is not doing as instructed!
I keep going back and forth between thinking “there’s so much to do before she can come out and meet us” and “we only have a few things we NEED to do” it’s hard to weed out the needs and wants because I want everything to be set up when she comes. But realistically if she came today it wouldnt be a complete travesty that our cabinets aren’t finished or that I haven’t hung any wall decor up. Harper wouldnt care if hadn’t mopped or vacuumed this week yet. I need to keep this perspective more than getting anxious about things that I’d like to have done.

Moving along-here is what’s going on inside of me:

How far along? 34 weeks. (that’s a minimum of 2 weeks maximum of 6 weeks before Harper comes to meet us!)

Weight gain: still at 23 lbs!

What’s happening with Harper? She is 4.5 lbs (not ready to come out yet!) and she moves A LOT! And the movement now feels aggressive!!

Cravings: Krystal chili chess pups. I’ve been thinking about those for a week!

How do I feel?
Not so awesome. I’m tired, my feet hurt, my belly is uncomfortable, and I’m in a hospital. But my hair looks pretty bangin’!!


What I miss the most: sleep.

My favorite things: long hot showers…looking at stuff for harper that we have in her bedroom…and quiet, lazy, time.

That’s all for now. My Demerol is kicking in!

Trick or Treat…Um please!????

I keep telling myself that I’m allowed to trick or treat this year.

I know people normally are annoyed when the “older kids” come around door to door asking for candy. “Oh he’s too old for this!”..

BUT….Come on!!! Don’t I get a free pass this year? Just this once? It’s for the baby.

And no, she doesn’t want those nasty chewy peanut butter thingies! Gimme those milky ways and kit kats, people!!! 🙂

Now that I have set goals for myself…time to pick a costume.

Maternity costumes are…um… well, here, just look at them!


Okay these are kinda funny.

Regardless…I will not be in ANY of the previous costumes! In fact, after my candy run I will have a prompt bed time of midnight!

He liked it…so he put a ring on it!

I started the day off a big sluggish. I probably could’ve let myself stay in bed all day. But I didn’t. Thank goodness! I begrudgingly rolled out of my warm cocoon, stumbled over to the mirror, and after looking into it -i decided I looked like a hobo. Folks, the day is not getting off to a lightening fast start…but get ready!

I painted the remainder of our extra room so it would be done for my parents. success!

I hopped in the car to go meet Kay and Mckenzie at California Pizza Kitchen. I unapologetically ate a whole bbq chicken pizza. YUM.

Then we headed off to the most glorious place on the planet. The honey to the pot. The jewel to the ring. THE POTTERY BARN FOR KIDS!!!!! It was the most wonderful store ever, ya’ll! We found things that just seemed to be meant for the baby! Her name was written all over this stuff! Heart be still. I scanned a few things like a fiend and then we left to go to our house for some help sprucing up! (much needed help might I add!)

While moving furniture around I stepped out of the room…and returned to the most beautiful thing ever!!!! My Auntie Kay and Mckenzie had brought my favorite bedding set and mattress from the pottery barn kids that I had basically drooled upon!! For some reason little ole me got emotional! That was so nice of them to do and the baby will look so beautiful in her new crib with new bedding! I am SO FORTUNATE to have such great family. There’s no way I would keep sane without them. They scurried a bunch of my worries right out the door at that very moment! 🙂 SO HAPPY.

We moved stuff and organized for a while and then called our nail salon to make an appt for 6pm to get our nails done.

Dear John got home right as we were leaving.

I found it odd that John sent me a message asking for a can opener… Ya’ll, this pregnant lady takes inventory in our food stock. There wasn’t anything that he would feasibly eat out of a can! Trust me if it was in there, I would’ve already eaten it!!!! Oh well I just discarded it and thought I’d ask about it later.

We got our nails and toes looking spectacular and headed home!

I walked in and the house smelled great…like…BACON? IS THAT BACON??? John lets me know he made me dinner. I keep asking what it is, not even realizing it’s on the table. Because I’m blind.

John asks me to hand him some texas toast from the freezer. I comply. He looks at me a little bewildered when I hand him said toast. He then says: “Can you also get me the ice cream?” I slightly questioned him, but lets be real folks, a pregnant lady WILL GET OUT THE ICE CREAM NO MATTER WHAT! So I went to get the ice cream and there was a pretty velvet box sitting on top. With a… wait…is that a… A RING!!!

I turn around to John and he is down on 1 knee. No, he’s not injured…HE’S PROPOSING! I of course said yes!!! duh! After several hugs I asked him to put it on my finger and it was just perfect! Very fancy! I never thought I deserved anything THIS BIG! I could barely eat dinner because I kept looking at it the whole time!!! It’s perfect though, really.

Baby Bunny,

Daddy really came through for Mommy today…Mommy is super happy!

Daddy will make you happy too, I already know it!









Today, I am not afraid.

Today I was trying to find a semi- old journal I had been keeping since I was 6 weeks pregnant. It had all sorts of stuff in it! I realized today that I threw it away because every page was stained with my fear. In every sentence it was clear I was terrified. I didn’t want my sweet baby to ever read this and feel any kind of bad feeling because mommy was so scared. So to the trash can it went a couple weeks ago.

Today I am not fearful of the things I was when I was only 8 weeks pregnant. Before anyone except John and I knew. That time was so uncertain and unfamiliar. Even though I am still scared of other things (i.e. the exit of dear baby princess) I know that I will have support.

The MAIN reason I wanted to find that book was because of a particular entry I first wrote. It was about when I told John we were pregnant. He told me that we would be okay. He told me that he would never leave or run away. He told me that we would do this together! I could see in his eyes that he would not ever leave us alone and scared. And even though his face was a shade of green I hadn’t seen yet, he agreed to lay with me just so that I could think with him. We planned to eat dinner…we did not eat dinner. In that entry I also noted that I thought he was such a kind person and I knew that he would always take care of us. That he would be such a great father and when I didn’t know what to do, he would help me figure it out. All of these things are true. John is a man that would probably feed his dog before himself, he would help a friend even if it was the most inconvenient situation in the world, he would drop anything for his family in the blink of an eye, and I think he would do anything to make me happy.

When John loves something or someone it shows.

Clearly I am a very lucky girl. 🙂 Not only do I have this perfect boy the rest of my life, as my best friend and partner, my baby girl’s daddy, but I also will gain a whole new family I already love.




33 week post



Why didn’t I buy this? It’s cute. It was the last one,
and I didn’t even check the brand on the tag! Could I wear it after baby? MAYBE!!!!

It’s hard to pick clothes because I can’t figure out if I like them now because they fit the bump…what if I don’t want to wear them after another month or two? Maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE- especially if you think about how long you will wear them. I’ve quit going to maternity stores unless they’re in my normal store…I.e. Gap maternity!

Moving along! It’s time for the 33 week post.

How MUCH longer? (you like how I switched up the wording?) 3 weeks minimum…8 weeks maximum!

Weight gain: ugh 😦 25 lbs. I keep reading I’ll gain 1/2 a lb a week from here on out. So if I make it to 40 weeks…that will put me at 28-29 lbs total. I feel like it will be a few more.

Cravings: I really wanted chili today. Cravings used to be a food I would think about ALL day…or even a whole week…but now it’s just something I see and think about wanting that moment…well maybe a few moments, but they’re not like they used to be.

What I miss:

My Christmas PJs from last year.

Tom sleeping on my tummy.


My feet. Especially the left one. I can reach righty much better because the Baby’s feet are on my right side…the left side…is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY! The entire torso of baby is over there…not leaving me much room to pull my leg close. I’m pretty sure I will go into labor with only my right leg shaved.

What I enjoy:

People touching my stomach. I haven’t had any weird instances of people touching me…only people I am familiar with…I even get it rubbed sometimes at work. That would be super creepy if I wasn’t pregnant.

Being lazy.

Being in hot water. I’m growing fonder of our seat in the shower more and more. Because then, I get to BE LAZY in the shower!!!

How do I feel?
Eh. I feel big. My feet feel bruised. Then they have to carry my big giant butt around! Some days I get the Braxton hicks contractions and I can’t do anything!!! Now a days when I go to the doctors office I feel jipped. I get NO ultrasound, I get poked with a needle, I get proded like a cow, and they hook me up to all sorts of machinery so I can’t walk. Not to mention this last visit the heat was on HIGH. Pregnant ladies need air, y’all!!! LOTS of air!

I’ve been told to rest…but all I do when I lay down is think of things I need to do. I gotta do laundry, paint, hang pictures up, clean up Babys room, clean out closets, gotta feed and water the animals…I just keep thinking of things!!! I feel like nothing is ever going to get done and I don’t feel like doing it most days!:(
I don’t know if I can last another 6-8 weeks!


Nanny’s Birth Story

I figured I would go with a theme for today of BIRTH STORIES!  Nanny’s is a lot different from Mom’s I think because they did things a lot differently when my parents were born!  Here goes:


Nanny lived in a city called St. Elmo near Chattanooga, TN when she was pregnant with my Aunt Kay.

The day she went into labor was a Saturday.  She had been waxing and buffing her hardwood floors.   She must have had A LOT more energy than me because all I want to do is lay down!

She was tired from waxing the floors (duh!) and layed down to take a nap.  While she was asleep, her doctor called to let her know that he was going out of town.  He wanted to check her before he left for two weeks.

She got up and went to the doctor with her sister (Ethel).  She paid special attention to all the bumps they hit on the drive over!  (ouch!)

Everything went fast after the doctor checked her.  He told her the baby was coming now.  She was put to sleep and woke up to a baby girl, My aunt Kay!  The way that she found out what she had was that the doctor and nurse had a bet going between the two of them.  The doctor had bet for a boy, and the nurse- a girl.  Nanny heard the nurse tell the doctor he was going to have to pay up!


Nanny said named my Aunt Kay after a lady that she worked with.  The lady was such a sweet friend.  She would bring Nanny baby clothes every single day!  The friend joked that the baby should be named after her- and SO IT WAS! 🙂



Nanny lived in the country when my dad was born.  She said that she had a rough time carrying him towards the end and was having several pregnancy problems- especially back pain!

One pregnant Wednesday, she was gardening with my Aunt Kay (“because Kay loved to garden”)…and she started to have stomach cramps.  She told her husband about the pain and he took her to the hospital.  She really wanted a natural birth with my Daddy because she felt so groggy during her first birth and wasn’t able to recover as fast as she felt she could’ve without drugs.  After 3 hours of labor- she asked for something to help her and was put to sleep again.  She recalls it as being the “dentist gas”.  She woke up again with a baby!

ISN’T THAT CRAZY?  To go to sleep and wake up with a new being next to you, that you created….

She got my Daddy’s name from two different places – His first name was after a dear friend Kenneth and his middle name was my grandfather’s middle name – William.

I’m pretty partial to the name William because I stumbled upon the name Liam before I knew the gender of our princess.  LOVE the name Liam (being a nickname for a baby William)!  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!  I don’t think anyone else I know likes it…but I’m entitled to liking it!

Usually I would say “Well it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the name, it’s not your baby!
…………but John doesn’t like it either.  So there goes that saying!



My Mom’s birth story

I asked my Mom to write out her birth story so I could share it!  I want to have a few on here before I have my very own!  I like to hear them…and they’re all so different!  I imagine what mine will be like over and over in my head!  Sweet John has agreed to take note of things that go on during labor when I can’t do so…that way I won’t forget some of the little things like what time things happened and in what order!  (Okay I know what order SOME THINGS will go in…but ya know… some things are random!)


When Daddy and I got married, we decided to wait until we could afford to have a baby and figured it would be about 5 years.  After talking to other parents, we realized that we were naïve in thinking that anyone can ‘afford’ to have a baby.

At the beginning of 1985, we decided to start a family. Pampaw would  be 65 years old that summer and we wanted him to see and enjoy his grandchild(ren). We didn’t tell anyone of our plans. It took six months for us to get pregnant and for five months I cried when I realized I wasn’t pregnant. When it was confirmed that I was having a baby after six months of trying, I didn’t think any day could possibly be more beautiful than that day. I was wrong. Saturday, April 19th, 1986 was the most beautiful day.

We were at Linda and David’s house on the 18th celebrating David’s birthday (one day late), when I realized I was in labor. I had previously had Braxton-Hicks contractions, but I knew what I was feeling was real labor. It started out very mild with a small amount of discomfort (no pain). It continued to be mild throughout the night and into the next morning. When the contractions came five minutes apart, we called the doctor and left for the hospital.

We arrived at East Ridge Hospital about 6:30 that morning. It was a beautiful spring day. Just outside of my room was a cherry tree in full bloom. From that day on, I have loved cherry trees.

I remember lying in bed, still only having mild discomfort with the contractions, thinking that labor was much easier than I thought it would be. I had imagined being in extreme pain, but was very pleasantly surprised. Of course, it was short-lived, but it was nice while it lasted.

The doctor came in to examine me and he was expecting to break my water. Unfortunately, my water had broken high the day before and I didn’t realize it. That meant that you were in danger of infection and my labor had to be sped up with the possibility of a c-section. The thought of having a c-section terrified me.

It wasn’t until then that I realized I wasn’t going to be pregnant much longer. I wasn’t going to feel you kick anymore. I wasn’t going feel your hiccups anymore. I wasn’t going to feel you get angry when the hiccups didn’t go away fast enough anymore. I wasn’t going to feel you inside me anymore. I was so heartbroken.

A few minutes later, I was given an injection to speed up my labor. My contractions went from “I can handle this!” to “Give me drugs NOW!!!!!!!!!!”. I believe I would have gone through it much easier if my labor had been allowed to progress at its own pace.

You were a stubborn little cuss. You were supposed to be face down, but you were on your right side (or maybe it was the other way around) and didn’t want to turn. The doctor was able to get you turned and you were born at 4:54 pm EDT (eastern daylight savings time). You were perfect! Ten fingers, ten toes and a head full of hair. We didn’t want to know if you were a boy or a girl ahead of time, but I knew in my heart that you were a girl. The nurses kept trying to tell me that your heart rate was too slow for a girl and I was going to have a boy. I told them no, I was having a girl. They just laughed, but we got the last laugh!

They rolled me into the recovery room and sent for everyone. Pampaw walked up beside me and I asked him what he thought of his little granddaughter. He couldn’t say anything. He hugged me and cried.

I wasn’t allowed to even touch you when you were born because I was running a low grade fever. I didn’t get to hold you until 11:30 that night and didn’t want to let you go. You were so beautiful! I couldn’t believe you were really mine.

God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl, who grew up to be a beautiful young lady! I thank Him every day for you!

One good mam

I’ve been thinking a lot about this for the past few weeks. Breastfeeding. I feel like my body will do what it’s supposed to do. My girls have been giving me signs that they are going to do their fair share of the work already! Well…one of them may be a (for lack of a better term) SLACKER!!! I anticipate myself referring to the hardworking one as “my good boob”… I’ve heard that usually one side responds more than the other ….but I think one side of my lovely lady lumps is going to produce A LOT more!!
I’ll try not to say anything else negative about lefty Lucy from here on out as to give her a fair shot at success.
moving along.

I plan to exclusively breastfeed. You heard it right. She will ONLY have what I make if everything goes as planned. (but if not I won’t have hard feelings on the ole girl!;)). I really want to be able to accomplish nursing and know that I am the sole provider of Babys nourishment and am responsible for her on a whole new level! I do want her to get used to taking bottles with pumped milk in them because I want John to be a big part of this process as well. I worry that she will attach so much to me that she won’t want a bottle. I hear that creates some hardships. If your baby will only take the boob, you can’t be away from her more than a couple hours! That’s no bueno. I anticipate I’ll want to run to the store or church etc and leave her with daddy or at the church nursery for a little while. Long story short-I’m praying this works out for us! I’ll keep focused on the positive things!

For now though…my good boob and I are going to bed. Goodnight!!

Forcast for the next 2 weeks: SHOWERS!!!

I would’ve posted this sooner if my computer hadn’t been blatantly defying my authority.

Now on to the good stuff…

This Sunday I went to my first baby shower!! I am fortunate enough to have such great people in my life who were willing to do this for me! My best friend, Mother, and Aunt (and all of their husbands) went out of their way to make this pretty Georgian shower happen- and to make it awesome!

Here is the invitation:

SUPER CUTE, RIGHT???!!!! They found this on… If you’ve been reading up you will already know I have a thing for cute baby owl things…so this was just PERFECT!

John and I arrived shortly before the rest of our guests did to check out all the cuteness that had been assembled for me. I quickly put him to work making paper pom poms for decorations.




On the Menu:

  • Fruit punch and personalized owl water bottles
  • Piggies in blankets
  • Ham & turkey croissants
  • Cheese plate
  • Baked macaroni and cheese (YUM)
  • Banana cupcakes (So good, I’m still eating them!!)
  • Chocolate cupcakes

It’s already clear I had a couple of favorites on the menu. 🙂

We all sat down and mingled while eating…then, on to the BABY’S NAME ANNOUNCEMENT!! This was really exciting for me because I have been holding onto this name for months! I decided to get fortune cookies custom made for me with her name on the little pink fortunes inside...THEY WERE AWESOME! I was debating keeping the name a secret in the beginning because…well…I’M TERRIBLE AT SECRETS! There. The cat’s out of the bag. But it started to become fun when only John and I had this secret and nobody else knew! Not even our parents! I 100% recommend doing this if you are expecting!

Despite letting you know I have announced the name and that I’m bad at keeping secrets…I can’t post the name yet! We have another shower in Birmingham with a whole new bunch who don’t know the name yet. You know who you are! 🙂 But I’m even more excited because I already know how fun it was the first time and I can do it all over again at the second shower!! WOOHOO! Then I can post the name!

After the fortune cookie fun I was released to open the gifts! How fun! It seemed like I took forever because Baby was lucky to get a whoooolllleee bunch of gifts!

Off the top of my head a few of my favorites were:

  • BABY’S CRIB!!!
  • Any of the owl items! (Dish set, blankets, cups…)
  • Pink newborn tub…I’m SO excited about bath time…I hope this baby likes baths…I HOPE!!!
  • Any of the hand made things…I’m into that!
  • My summer brand baby monitor!!
  • A bright pink flower canopy from potterybarnkids
  • All the sweet clothes I got…I loved them all! I have already hung every little dress and outfit I received up!
  • Diapers and wipes (I was a little nervous that we didn’t really have more than one pack stocked up yet!)

…and of course BOOKS! My best friend had a great idea of asking for children’s books instead of cards. This way I would have a keepsake forever with the gift giver’s name and message inside the book! How great is that? I loved the idea and it was a complete surprise!

During the great gift opening, little prediction and advice cards were passed around. They asked all of the guests what they predicted what day Baby would actually arrive on, the weight, and length. And my favorite part was the ADVICE section! Everyone could write what advice they had for John and I as new parents! SO SWEET!

This shower was a complete hit and I am so thankful for my wonderful friends and family for making it all happen! I’m super excited that Baby will be brought into such a great group of people and I can barely wait for everyone to meet her now!


EVERYTHING IS COMING TOGETHER!! I feel like I can start to let a few of my anxieties go now…

Stay tuned for next week’s shower pictures and details! I know it will be spectacular! John was sweet enough to order me a super special dress for it! It’s a good thing because after the last shower I realized that I can’t fit into any of my old dresses… Now, lets all hope it gets here in time!














8 Month Post


So during my daily work photo shoot I noticed…I DO NOT look 8 months pregnant in this picture!  What is up with that!?



















And BOOM goes the dynamite!!  How did this not show up in the first angle?  I guess you can’t be looking at me from atop a building and see that I’m pregnant.  You must be eye level with the bump.


I’m officially 8 Months pregnant!  It feels very strange to think that my due date is at 10 months.  People really give you the stink eye when you are 8 months pregnant and due 2 MONTHS LATER!  I want to give out a little memo about how pregnancy lasts 40-42 weeks instead of just 36 weeks everytime someone inquires about my due date.  This brings me to another concern…I think my due date is wrong!  By 2 weeks almost!  I KNOW when it happened…but I’m not sure what warrents an offical due date change.  I really started to think about it last week when I was told I was measuring a little over a week ahead…it all makes sense now!  I supposed it’s not the end of the world… so I’ll let it slide!


The specifics:


How far along: 32 weeks (8 MONTHS!!!)

Size of baby:  She should weigh around 3.75lbs.  And will gain 1/2 a lb a week from now on! … So that’s why I’m so tired!  Large jicama (what the heck is that?!)  Okay here’s a better reference…she’s the size of the front wheel on the original big wheel!  🙂  I got that from a really cute blog I stumbled upon!  ( There’s another post on the same blog about pregnancy gas that is HILARIOUS!!

Cravings:  Ice cream for sure.  I eat that about every other night!  WATER please!!  I can’t get enough of it.   I think that means that baby’s fluid is restoring more often than in the past…because I will drink a couple GALLONS a day…and I can assure you that only 1/8 of that comes back out!  Information overload on that one!



  • I find myself exhausted some days…and they’re usually the days where I’ve done NOTHING!  I can only describe it as the first day of the flu.  Ya know…that day where you’re not sure that you’re actually sick or just have a little allergy problem but you’re SUPER tired!  And you’re in denial that your really sick.  That’s it.  That’s the feeling I get.
  • Shortness of breath…stairs really get the best of me.  Or if I turn to quickly to one side in the bed I will start coughing because I feel like my lungs can’t fill with air.
  • Poor self-esteem.  Ya’ll I’ve never weighed this much in my life and it’s hard.  We don’t have a mirror in our bathroom, and normally that would be a big problem – not right now.  I don’t want to look at myself!  I’m pale…I’m an extra 20 (?) lbs…I walk funny…the list goes on!  I can’t even fit into all of my favorite PJ’s…and I thought those were forgiving!  I’ve been trying to do things for myself lately like get a pedicure, paint my nails, apply self tanner every day (HELL-O Snookie!), and fluff my hair up a little…but it’s still hard to bump the negative thoughts out of my head!

Sleep:  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I wish I could just sleep for a solid 8 hours.  I get 5 hours max.  And they’re just not sound…I almost always wake up at random times and then hear things that grab my attention and make it hard to go back to sleep.  If I’m working the next day I will almost surely wake up 45 minutes before my alarm goes off…just to RUIN those last few minutes of sleep I could’ve had.  So irritating!

Big things happening soon:

  • My showers!  I’m so excited for them both!  I will make a post with the invitations on them once I edit out the addresses!
  • My fortune cookies came in!  For those of you who don’t already know this- I had 100 custom fortune cookies made for my showers.  They all have the top secret name inside on a pink sheet of paper!  I’m super excited for everyone to see them and announce the name!  🙂
  • I guess I need to post on “The Great Belly Button Watch” because something big is going on there also!!
  • We tour the maternity floor at my work next Monday… THAT  BEING SAID… I want to tour the NEW BROOKWOOD WOMEN’S CENTER!  But the sad news is that it doesn’t open until my official due date of December 3rd!  What luck!  They won’t do tours until that date either!  Since I work here and I’m sneaky…I investigated just waddling myself down there and taking a peek without any specific guidance… big negative.  Not happening.  I asked an inside source about what sort of steps I would need to take to just peer into the new womens center and I was told to stay away!  Apparently last week a construction worker bit the dust in the new center.  For real.  If that’s not bad ju ju…I don’t know what is!  I don’t want to be smooshed!  I will wait.  But regardless, what a bummer.

Time for Spaghetti O’s!  Peace.