Cat nabber

I cannot believe I forgot to ever write this down.
I’ll set the scene.
It’s the first Tuesday night we spent at our new home. John was out bowling. And I assumed bowling would not fare well on someone already carrying a bowling ball around her waist-so here I am…at home watching teen mom. (yay!!!)
My cat had been missing for a day since we moved. He’s a pretty typical looking cat. Ya know…long tail…kinda fluffy…orange fur. I mean…nothing fancy. He has personality though!
So I go outside to check the mail…it’s dark. I’m impaired (visually). In fact I probably could not recognize my best friend if she were 4 feet in front of me without my glasses on. It’s bad. It gets worse at night.
Ok so anyways…getting the mail.
I see Dega (the orange furry guy) across the street just hanging out at the neighbors! (what nerve!!!) I sassily stomp across the street, ask him what the heck he was thinking, and proceed to Carry him home like a purse.
We are in the middle of the street when I notice he has lost weight. I lift him to eye level to see where his spare tire went. Not my cat. By the look on his face he realized he was not my cat LONG ago!!! (probably when I drug him from his owners yard!!!!)
Ugh. Really?! I’ve been in this neighborhood 3 days and I’ve already cat nabbed? What will they all say at the next community meeting? And where is my REAL cat?!
Luckily the correct cat came back home the next day.
BUT I can’t help but wonder…does this happen with human children?!!!!
Can we say mother of the year??!
People, this is serious. I’ve lived with that cat for 3 years. How did I not know?!! I mean I will have only been around princess a very short time when I foresee us going shopping!! What if someone with a cute little baby girl nestled in a chicco grey and pink stroller, sits their baby next to mine as I reach for some cheesy poofs on the top shelf? I turn around and grab what I think is my stroller and baby…only to get home and find I have someone else’s little cookie monster?!!!!
How do I explain that to John?! Or even worse the Babys mom?! Oh heavens…



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