The business





Things we’ve done the past few days:

John brought me home some sunflowers!!! How awesome are they?! They look great in our new dining room!!

I found out captain ds started to carry my favorite…FRIED PICKLEs!!!!!! …..however, I must include that although they look GLORIOUS…they just tasted like fried air. (thanks dear for the great description) I need to write a letter. Dear Captain….

John primed and painted the kitchen! It looks great!!!

And today was birth class Monday!
I usually complain about the thing, but tonight wasn’t too bad. We learned about swaddling and how to hold baby while breastfeeding. Two things that I did not have prior knowledge of! I got a few pictures of John with our class baby haha! I liked picking it up and holding it…it makes me REALLY want to hold my own baby ASAP!!!!! I hadnt thought much about it until tonight but it’s stuck in my head now! I want to hold her, smell her, play with her feet…all that jazz!!! I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer.
One thing that made me like the class more tonight was the instructor took time to feel my tummy. I asked her if she could feel how baby e was turned. I like having people do all that belly rubbin’ business!!! It makes me feel special and paid attention to!! 🙂 pet me!!!!!


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