Knock Knock…Who’s there?!

Have you ever been at home and heard the door bell ring…but before you could scamper to the door the person rings it AGAIN?!

I have this problem at work. Minus the door bell. And house.

I stay in an office by myself. A SMALL office…it has a window, you can see how far away I sit from the door if you peek in when you knock!

People constantly knock on my door. I take a good 5-10 seconds to get out of the chair. I have the turtle on it’s back syndrome now…it used to only take me 2 seconds to get to the door. I understand it’s a longer wait time to get into my office…but is 5-10 seconds unreasonable!? It must be because they KNOCK AGAIN!!! People, if you’re unsure that I’ve heard you…you could just peek in and see that I’m trying to get my butterball self out of my swivel chair to let you in!




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