Nanny’s Birth Story

I figured I would go with a theme for today of BIRTH STORIES!  Nanny’s is a lot different from Mom’s I think because they did things a lot differently when my parents were born!  Here goes:


Nanny lived in a city called St. Elmo near Chattanooga, TN when she was pregnant with my Aunt Kay.

The day she went into labor was a Saturday.  She had been waxing and buffing her hardwood floors.   She must have had A LOT more energy than me because all I want to do is lay down!

She was tired from waxing the floors (duh!) and layed down to take a nap.  While she was asleep, her doctor called to let her know that he was going out of town.  He wanted to check her before he left for two weeks.

She got up and went to the doctor with her sister (Ethel).  She paid special attention to all the bumps they hit on the drive over!  (ouch!)

Everything went fast after the doctor checked her.  He told her the baby was coming now.  She was put to sleep and woke up to a baby girl, My aunt Kay!  The way that she found out what she had was that the doctor and nurse had a bet going between the two of them.  The doctor had bet for a boy, and the nurse- a girl.  Nanny heard the nurse tell the doctor he was going to have to pay up!


Nanny said named my Aunt Kay after a lady that she worked with.  The lady was such a sweet friend.  She would bring Nanny baby clothes every single day!  The friend joked that the baby should be named after her- and SO IT WAS! 🙂



Nanny lived in the country when my dad was born.  She said that she had a rough time carrying him towards the end and was having several pregnancy problems- especially back pain!

One pregnant Wednesday, she was gardening with my Aunt Kay (“because Kay loved to garden”)…and she started to have stomach cramps.  She told her husband about the pain and he took her to the hospital.  She really wanted a natural birth with my Daddy because she felt so groggy during her first birth and wasn’t able to recover as fast as she felt she could’ve without drugs.  After 3 hours of labor- she asked for something to help her and was put to sleep again.  She recalls it as being the “dentist gas”.  She woke up again with a baby!

ISN’T THAT CRAZY?  To go to sleep and wake up with a new being next to you, that you created….

She got my Daddy’s name from two different places – His first name was after a dear friend Kenneth and his middle name was my grandfather’s middle name – William.

I’m pretty partial to the name William because I stumbled upon the name Liam before I knew the gender of our princess.  LOVE the name Liam (being a nickname for a baby William)!  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!  I don’t think anyone else I know likes it…but I’m entitled to liking it!

Usually I would say “Well it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the name, it’s not your baby!
…………but John doesn’t like it either.  So there goes that saying!




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