I want to go home y’all

This morning, I get to blog from a hospital bed. I was for sure I wouldn’t still be here-but alas…I am.
I went to my 34 week appointment yesterday a little early because I’d been having contractions. Those, by the way, turned out to be no fun.
After about an hour of being hooked up to my fetal monitor the doctor said “okay miss bell…I’m sending you to LABOR & DELIVERY.”


Okay when you hear you’re heading to that floor it does sound like you’re going there to do 2 pretty specific things. Two of which I don’t want to do for another 2 weeks or more. So I had a little internal breakdown. Told John. Then went to the floor.
I was told I’d probably go home in a few hours. That didn’t happen. Still hasn’t.
6 doses of blood pressure medication (to stop contractions) and 3 doses of Demerol (and 2 less meals) later…I feel like I should be able to go home! Maybe my body will cooperate. The baby is perfect they said-it’s just mommy who is not doing as instructed!
I keep going back and forth between thinking “there’s so much to do before she can come out and meet us” and “we only have a few things we NEED to do” it’s hard to weed out the needs and wants because I want everything to be set up when she comes. But realistically if she came today it wouldnt be a complete travesty that our cabinets aren’t finished or that I haven’t hung any wall decor up. Harper wouldnt care if hadn’t mopped or vacuumed this week yet. I need to keep this perspective more than getting anxious about things that I’d like to have done.

Moving along-here is what’s going on inside of me:

How far along? 34 weeks. (that’s a minimum of 2 weeks maximum of 6 weeks before Harper comes to meet us!)

Weight gain: still at 23 lbs!

What’s happening with Harper? She is 4.5 lbs (not ready to come out yet!) and she moves A LOT! And the movement now feels aggressive!!

Cravings: Krystal chili chess pups. I’ve been thinking about those for a week!

How do I feel?
Not so awesome. I’m tired, my feet hurt, my belly is uncomfortable, and I’m in a hospital. But my hair looks pretty bangin’!!


What I miss the most: sleep.

My favorite things: long hot showers…looking at stuff for harper that we have in her bedroom…and quiet, lazy, time.

That’s all for now. My Demerol is kicking in!


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