Urge to rest vs urge to nest

Could it be so? The nesting urge? Maybe I was just a little freaked out by last week’s scare. I kept thinking about things that needed to be done before she could come. So John and I knocked a few of those worries out of the park this week. See our cute pack n play below! 🙂




We also finally put the finishing glaze on our extra bathrooms cabinets.


I was trying to get a feel of how my alphabet letters would look on Harper’s wall…something needs to be changed but not sure yet what. I’m having this crazy pregnant lady thought of I want to change the room colors. To grey and purple instead. Is that crazy? Would it be okay to change the bedding to purple? I will have to sleep on this one. It’s a bold move.


What’s the deal? I’m almost 35 Weeks PREGNANT! That is sooooo close. That means Harper could come in 1.5 weeks (minimum) or 5.5 weeks (maximum). That’s bananas.

How am I? Run down is the best word I can find. After being scared she would come prematurely I was sent home with medicines that lower my blood pressure to prevent contractions. Normal BP is 120/80. These meds lower mine to 74/40……… THAT EQUALS TIRED! I feel like a little wilted flower in the bed half of the time. I’m also on antibiotics that make my mouth taste like a horses… well, you get the point. I’m just maxed out most of the time.

What I miss:


feeling like I had accomplished things during my day.

Being motivated to get pretty. Poor John. He sees “Morning Bell” ALL DAY LONG.

Being tan. Neurtrogena Natural Glow Lotion…you are my savior some days.

Walking like a normal person and not like a hobbet.

What I love:

John…he sees that I am overwhelmed with stuff I want done and just chores in general and has stepped up to do then. He puts up with “lazy Bell”… he overlooks “mean Bell”…. and doesn’t care about “morning Bell”. Bless his soul.

People offer me more help when they see that I’m toting what appears to be a watermelon under my tank top. They open doors…load up groceries, load up anything really into my car, grab me buggies if my hands appear too full, and GET THIS: I ordered a pretty hefty meal at Krystal’s this weekend. The guy deemed the meal too heavy for me to carry and walked it out to my car!!!!!!!!!! SCORE ONE FOR THE PREGNANT LADY!!!!!!

People also don’t judge me when they see me pigging out on 6 plates of pizza at CiCi’s. This theory was recently tested.

Still LOVE for people to touch my stomach. It is a bonding experience for sure!

Love seeing Harper in 4D. Even if it was a scary circumstance- we can see what she will look like when she comes out! I’ve always heard that it’s exactly the same! She has such chubby cheeks!!! OUR LITTLE CHUBBY BUNNY!!!



Cravings: I really wanted Pad Thai chicken today…so I made it! It was yummy.

Big things happening:

Johns says that would be ME. He noticed I had gotten bigger in the belly overnight! Story of my life!

We will carve our first family pumpkins this week!

Jen Amerman came to Birmingham to do our Maternity pictures!!!! You can check her out at www.fondlyforever.com

We had so much fun and are both SOOOOOO excited to see the pictures!

Lastly…I thought I had a contraction earlier. 😦 If I have anymore in the am I will call the doctor and see what she wants me to do. Hopefully not stay in the hospital again…that would be TERRIBLE! I want to sleep in my own bed with my fiance. But I want this to stop.


Mommy just has a few things to do before you can come!  Er…or daddy has a few things to do for mommy before you come!



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