The great pumpkin carve


Let’s start off by stating the obvious…Johns looks AWESOME! Mine…well he kind of looks like a cyclopes owl. Not exactly what I was going for…but I never claimed to be a carving expert. Well…I may have said that earlier in the evening…before the cyclopes effect on my owl.

My best friend in Chattanooga sent me a picture of her sweet baby girl in her Halloween costume today…which provoked me to google “newborn costumes”…I know if I had Harper early we would not be out dressing up…but I kind of wish my due date was sooner now that I have seen all these!!!

I’m having a Rachel Zoe moment – I DIE!!!!! I just die over these costumes. Bananas.







The sweet bumble bee is Emma!!!!! She needs to be a baby model, don’t ya think?!


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