My hair is FINALLY starting to grow!

Well getting fancy to take pictures was fun for 20 minutes… Now it’s time to hang out with baby!


Knock Knock…Who’s there?!

Have you ever been at home and heard the door bell ring…but before you could scamper to the door the person rings it AGAIN?!

I have this problem at work. Minus the door bell. And house.

I stay in an office by myself. A SMALL office…it has a window, you can see how far away I sit from the door if you peek in when you knock!

People constantly knock on my door. I take a good 5-10 seconds to get out of the chair. I have the turtle on it’s back syndrome now…it used to only take me 2 seconds to get to the door. I understand it’s a longer wait time to get into my office…but is 5-10 seconds unreasonable!? It must be because they KNOCK AGAIN!!! People, if you’re unsure that I’ve heard you…you could just peek in and see that I’m trying to get my butterball self out of my swivel chair to let you in!



The business





Things we’ve done the past few days:

John brought me home some sunflowers!!! How awesome are they?! They look great in our new dining room!!

I found out captain ds started to carry my favorite…FRIED PICKLEs!!!!!! …..however, I must include that although they look GLORIOUS…they just tasted like fried air. (thanks dear for the great description) I need to write a letter. Dear Captain….

John primed and painted the kitchen! It looks great!!!

And today was birth class Monday!
I usually complain about the thing, but tonight wasn’t too bad. We learned about swaddling and how to hold baby while breastfeeding. Two things that I did not have prior knowledge of! I got a few pictures of John with our class baby haha! I liked picking it up and holding it…it makes me REALLY want to hold my own baby ASAP!!!!! I hadnt thought much about it until tonight but it’s stuck in my head now! I want to hold her, smell her, play with her feet…all that jazz!!! I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer.
One thing that made me like the class more tonight was the instructor took time to feel my tummy. I asked her if she could feel how baby e was turned. I like having people do all that belly rubbin’ business!!! It makes me feel special and paid attention to!! 🙂 pet me!!!!!

Cat nabber

I cannot believe I forgot to ever write this down.
I’ll set the scene.
It’s the first Tuesday night we spent at our new home. John was out bowling. And I assumed bowling would not fare well on someone already carrying a bowling ball around her waist-so here I am…at home watching teen mom. (yay!!!)
My cat had been missing for a day since we moved. He’s a pretty typical looking cat. Ya know…long tail…kinda fluffy…orange fur. I mean…nothing fancy. He has personality though!
So I go outside to check the mail…it’s dark. I’m impaired (visually). In fact I probably could not recognize my best friend if she were 4 feet in front of me without my glasses on. It’s bad. It gets worse at night.
Ok so anyways…getting the mail.
I see Dega (the orange furry guy) across the street just hanging out at the neighbors! (what nerve!!!) I sassily stomp across the street, ask him what the heck he was thinking, and proceed to Carry him home like a purse.
We are in the middle of the street when I notice he has lost weight. I lift him to eye level to see where his spare tire went. Not my cat. By the look on his face he realized he was not my cat LONG ago!!! (probably when I drug him from his owners yard!!!!)
Ugh. Really?! I’ve been in this neighborhood 3 days and I’ve already cat nabbed? What will they all say at the next community meeting? And where is my REAL cat?!
Luckily the correct cat came back home the next day.
BUT I can’t help but wonder…does this happen with human children?!!!!
Can we say mother of the year??!
People, this is serious. I’ve lived with that cat for 3 years. How did I not know?!! I mean I will have only been around princess a very short time when I foresee us going shopping!! What if someone with a cute little baby girl nestled in a chicco grey and pink stroller, sits their baby next to mine as I reach for some cheesy poofs on the top shelf? I turn around and grab what I think is my stroller and baby…only to get home and find I have someone else’s little cookie monster?!!!!
How do I explain that to John?! Or even worse the Babys mom?! Oh heavens…


Peeves and other thoughts

I’m a little peeved. Ticked, if you will.

Two things. Target and pier 1.

Recently I started to read a ton of TERRIBLE baby registry reviews. Apparently Target doesn’t take too kindly to returning items from registries, even if the gifter bought it THROUGH the registry and has proof that it was purchased. That makes me nervous.

Then I go to my target baby registry today…I’m locked out. Indefinitely said the target representative. She said she would create me a new registry under a different email and put all my items on it so it could be accessed by myself and others. It hasn’t updated yet 😦 What if she deleted my HOURS OF GOING CRAZY OVER THIS REGISTRY!! When I say HOURS that may be an understatement. I stressed out about this registry for a few weeks…hours each night… Please target, don’t do this. I will drive to your store and tell you what I think.

Secondly – Pier 1. They have this ADORABLE PUMPKIN OWL on their seasonal webpage home. Apparently they don’t sell the thing. Really? You got me to fall in love with this sweet little owl and now I can’t have him!? The nerve!!!!!

I digress.

The past couple of days have been…well…TAXING! I just feel worthless. I don’t want to do anything at all. I’m super tired. My stomach is hurting from stretching out. Maybe a combination of braxton hicks also. It gets SUPER HARD. Sometimes I have to buckle over and take a few breaths and focus on traveling to where ever I was going! It is no fun. Even when I sleep it’s never restful. I toss and turn with only 2 options. Right side. Left side. Rinse and repeat. Alllllllllll night long. It even hurts to walk these days…in more than one way! My feet kill. And my hoo-haa is a whole different ball game. It is awful. I really just feel like baby e will fall out sometimes. My Dr has assured me this will not happen. but walking around when you feel as if your baby may fall out is difficult. And racks the ole nerves.

What’s going on in there?

How many weeks: 31 weeks 2 days

Weight gain: Johns evil scale and I are not on speaking terms. I will update this later.

Baby size: 16.25 inches long and 3.3 lbs (the size of 4 naval oranges)

What’s baby doing? Pushing Mommy around mostly. Her irises can dilate and respond to light. She is gaining a lot of weight – .5lbs a week!!! That means Mommy is going to be even more of a cow!

What I miss:

  • Going out with my friends for a saturday night of fun. I’ve found Saturday TV is not really ideal. No fair…everyone else gets to go out and all that jazz and Mommy has to just sit on the couch drinking milk.
  • Breathing out of my nose. I dearly miss that one.
  • Walking normally.
  • SLEEP!!!!!
  • Half of my wardrobe.
  • The cute little kicks…now they are somewhat assaulting. 😦
  • Being able to comfortably shave my legs.
  • Being able to do french tips on my own toes. After reaching for them more than a minute I can’t breath because I’ve smooshed the baby up into my lungs! That doesn’t work out anymore.

What I crave: Fried pickles still. I don’t eat as much as I used to because I start to feel like garbage once I eliminate the remainder of space left in my body by adding food.

What I’m looking forward to:

  • Pumpkin carving!!!
  • Both my baby showers! I’m super excited I get fried pickles at a shower…I’ve never seen that before! LOVE IT!!!
  • Painting the baby’s room.
  • Finishing our cabinets.
  • Going to church in the am. Miss that.
  • The brookwood medical center tour next week.

Things I find myself often pondering:

  • What things will and will not change in our household?
  • What will I need after the baby showers for the baby…will it be a lot? What if we don’t get all she needs?
  • When will I start nesting?
  • When will she decide to come? Early? Late?
  • Is she head down? I think so???

Sleepy time. Night Night.