Have you ever seen that show called “What would you do?”  ?

If not, here’s your general summary of each show.  Hidden cameras show how normal people react to outrageous situations that they witness.  Like…let’s say you were walking down the pasta aisle in Wal-Mart.  A couple passes you having an argument.  You witness the man slap the be-jesus out of the woman and tell her to shut up.  They keep walking.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO!?  Most people really don’t do anything confrontational.  That’s the most surprising part of the show.  People see these awful scenarios unfold and just walk away.  So it’s not real on that show…but what if it was?  What if that man went home and killed the woman the next week?   What if you could’ve said something or did something to prevent worse things from happening…or at least alert authorities of what’s going on…

Seems pretty simple to me what the right thing to do is.  But at the same time I can see where people are scared for themselves and for the people involved.  They might think “What if I report it and that makes things worse?”  or “What if they retaliate against me knowing I am reporting it?”

I really hope if anything bad ever happens to me, that someone decides to stand up for me and help.  Whether it be a car wreck, a robbery, or hey…what if I accidentally tuck my dress in my panties in the restroom.  HELP PLEASE!!!!  I will try to remember my own words and when I am tempted to do the cowardly thing and look away, I will take a breath and step forward.




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