Today, I am a Debby Downer.
It happens.
As usual, my Doctor visit was no fun. Same routine. Get weighed, take pants off, get assaulted, put pants on, get a needle stuck in me, leave.
I thought I was going to be able to stop taking whatever evil medication they had me on to stop labor today. Didn’t happen.
I actually saw the end of the discomfort in sight before today’s appointment. Not anymore! I could be pregnant for almost TEN MONTHS!!!!!! I just wasn’t expecting that. I convinced myself that the doctor would tell me I had started to dilate…that it’d be any day now…that we could set up a date to go to the hospital…
None of that.
It’s just been a sad couple of days for me!
I hope I feel better about this week…um…by the weekend?

Its hard not to think about how much worse I’m going to feel before I get to meet Harper and feel better! How do women with other children get through being pregnant? How do they not throw up on their own kids during the first trimester nausea? How do they pick up their kids during the second trimester back pain? AND how do they deal with tantrums during Braxton hicks, or bear to pick up anything over 10lbs, OR watch another child when they have to run to the restroom every 5 minutes?! HOW???? It’s amazing. Being pregnant 9 months is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Okay I’ll stop.
Positive things…

I found out that Rosie Pope will be doing a new mommy event at my workplace on November 18! Pregnant in heels? YES PLEASE!!!! 🙂

We had some GREAT sushi today at Rock-n-roll sushi! I ate every bite!!

We got our maternity photos today!!! Thanks to Jen at !!!









3 thoughts on “Debby

  1. Great maternity shots! I know exactly what you mean. How do women take care of other babies/children while pregnant?! I was extremely nauseous 24/7 the WHOLE pregnancy. I don’t know if I could do that again AND take care of my precious Lillian! I hope you get to meet your little one soon!

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