Pants on the ground

I love pants.

Skinny jean pants…

Bell bottom pants…

Dress pants…


John tells me all the time that I wear too many pairs of pants a day…but that’s silly! 🙂 How else would I wear all of my favorite pants. Okay only 1/8 of my favorite pants still fit me – but I have bought belly accommodating PJs and I just love to wear them! So if you come over without telling me first expect to see a few pants on the ground. I go through them like a crazy person!

These are a few of my favorite pants:

  • Banana republic PJs with super elastic waist bands… I know right? Who knew banana republic even made PJs?! I found them at our outlet store in Birmingham. It was a glorious day.
  • Aeropostale’s seasonal fleece winter PJs…these were just put on the shelves this week, people! AND they’re half off!!!
  • Gap maternity skinny jeans. I may just have to get these to wear AFTER being pregnant. That’s how comfortable and awesome they are. AND you don’t have to deal with buttons or zippers! HOW CONVENIENT!

Big things that happened yesterday:

  • We went back to church – finally! After moving we have just had so much going on every weekend we put it off and put it off…I missed church! We will be going back next Sunday! I love our pastor at Church of the Highlands …it takes something special to be able to capture the attention of any audience…especially a YOUNG audience!
  • John’s mom finished Harper’s nursery curtains -AND THEY LOOK AWESOME!!!! I told her she should do this for a living!

Big things happening today:

  • The Michael Jackson trial verdict of guilty was announced! While I don’t agree with it- I’M SO TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT ON THE NEWS!!! Maybe I can see what’s going on with the world now! (Well until Nancy Grace finds someone new to talk about every single night)
  • I started a small painting I saw on ETSY that looked simple enough. More to come soon!
  • I found some hidden stash of Hallmark cards I had tucked away in a box! I LOVE CARDS! L O V E! My friend always tells me how thoughtful he thinks cards are because whenever he gets a card from someone, he thinks about how they went to the store and personally picked out a card…took the time to write in it…then put it in the mail! It is a thoughtful process. I have quite the stockpile of cards- Mostly birthdays and thank yous because that’s what I use most! Cards make me content.
  • I waxed my eyebrows. You may be thinking “Why is this big?” …well because I had a nightmare last night about going into labor with BUSHY BROWS! Something had to be done.

That is all until later when I finish my painting! 🙂



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