You’ll never know dear, how much we love you…

I think only good things happened for me today.

I finished the paintings I want to hang in Harper’s room. 🙂 SO CUTE!

It’s exciting to think that she will be here soon! And that she will make me happy when skies are gray. THAT’S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN FOR ME! EEK!!! Daddy doesn’t even know what he’s about to get hit with. A love explosion I think!

And I looked at my nails today…FABULOUS!!!! Just spectacular. I always have this one random short stubby one that will break an make all the others look bad. But not this time. No sir. They’re all just glorious! I use a sephora white tip pen to do the trick and it works awesome!

And since I’m having such a great day – stay tuned for tomorrow. I’m feelin froggy and want to do another give-away!!! 🙂

Keep it real.





One thought on “You’ll never know dear, how much we love you…

  1. Omg! You are just to cute! It’s so neat seeing how tom has grown right along with the baby. The button watch cracked me up when Tom was staring at your belly button. Lol.

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