37 Week Post


I am sort of getting used to random people being nicer to me because they notice that I am pregnant.


  • Once you’re over that “is she just fat or is she pregnant” stage…people will constantly tell you how fabulous you look as a pregnant lady. I’ve even noticed that the gay men are super into talking to a pregnant lady! I’ve had so many sparkly men talk me up at the mall! LOVE IT!!!
  • People will ALMOST always open the door and let the waddling lady go through first.
  • If you look in distress at a store- someone will most likely help you- and go above and beyond to make sure you get what you were looking for.
  • If your hands are full – people will take a load from you. I’ve had people go get me a buggy because I “looked like I had my hands too full”.
  • People are more willing to talk to you…I guess because they have the perfect conversation starter! (I’ve found butchers to be a super friendly group of men. They’re all so jolly and have families to talk about!)

On the flip side…it’s even more appalling for someone to be rude to me these days. Maybe because I’ve gotten used to special treatment these past few months?? Maybe I’m taking it personally….I want to say “why are you being rude to me and my baby?!?!” The nerve.

Today I went to one of my favorite hip restaurants. The place was dead. When I said the rest of my 3 person party wasn’t with me yet, I was told to take a seat at the bar and let them know when my party arrived to be seated. I said “eh…I really don’t want to sit at the bar…” The girl looked at me funny and said that is their policy.

I must have been feeling extra spicy today. I asked the girl why I would want to take my baby to the bar? What If I went into labor? I’d need a booth asap.

Way to make someone feel awkward. She took me to my booth. And made sure to fill in our waitress of the crazy person sitting in said booth.

In fun news…Look at Tom:


He’s usually so good with photos. I think he’s nervous because we had a professional at the house…he’s a little self conscious.

The meat and Potatoes:

How many weeks: 37 weeks. For the people who hate counting those darn things up – THAT’S 9 MONTHS AND 1 WEEK PREGNANT. How far must this continue? I’m told 39 weeks. I hope no longer than 38. If that’s not compromise, I’m not sure what is.

Size of Harper: 6lbs!!!!!

The doctor says: my belly measures small but baby measures just fine! Her pulse is a little low but she could’ve just been tired. I was tired myself. I just have to pay close attention to how much movement I feel every hour and give them a call if anything changes!

Protocols initiated for eviction:

  • I stopped taking my medicine that was meant to stop contractions earlier in my pregnancy, yesterday!
  • I successfully bounced on the exercise ball for a good 15 minutes. Gravity, ya’ll.
  • I ate a Krispy Kreme milkshake. Wait…that’s not an eviction protocol… oh well.

How do I feel?

It depends on what day of the week it is. Low activity is top priority. Besides the whole bouncing on the exercise ball thing.


Sweet potato casserole! YUMMY!

What I miss:

I can’t say it enough…SLEEP! I know I won’t get much sleep once Harper comes…but I would be grateful for even an hour or two of comfortable resting! When I do get to sleepy town I have nightmares! They aren’t your normal run of the mill nightmares of showing up to class with no underoos on either. THEY’RE BAD!!! AND SO SCARY!

Big things happening this week:

  • Um…Maybe baby????? Please????
  • Lots of eating. I bought several meats to make dinners with this weekend!
  • Tomorrow we are picking up the rest of our nursery furniture!
  • Church Sunday!
  • Maybe my crib bumper will show up saturday…or Monday! That would be exciting.



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