Barbara Bummer Giveaway Monday!!!

This is how my day started out! That’s how all DR visits are for me!20111114-235523.jpg

Harper is doing just perfect. And Mommy…well Mommy isn’t really cooperating. I have only dialted .5 CM and effaced 75%. AND YET I STILL HAVE CONTRACTIONS THAT LEAD NOWHERE! How discouraging. Looks like we may not see miss Harper until early December. She is having a blast in there and does not plan to make an appearance any sooner than we make her come

Do you think she’s dropped? I have suspicions because of how low I am feeling movement and the pressure of a bowling ball against my….er…my lady parts.



AIN’T THIS THE DARN TRUTH?!?!?!?!?! The end of pregnancy DOES so totally suck.

My BACK KILLS!! My sleep is nonexsistent. My feet feel bruised. It’s hard to walk more than short distances. It’s hard to sit for long periods of time. ie church 😦 I love church.

I’m pale as a ghost. No tanning for mommy. I’m nauseated when I eat. My stomach is always upset. I can never get comfortable. I walk funny.



I’ve heard that the first 3 weeks after birth are Hell. This does not please Mommy. 😦 I hope that I’m not so miserable I don’t enjoy my baby. I hope it’s easier for me than it was the person I heard this from. John is going to have his work cut out for him. I may be a wreck and he is going to have to get me all together before I fall apart.

That actually may have to happen sooner than later!!

I want to make it up to ya’ll…I just had another Debby Downer moment! I will make some lucky winner a cute painting of you are my sunshine! Hopefully for your little ones room!


comment on my facebook page!/BellRocks or on this post what you like about my blog and what you would like to see more of in the future!

then you will be entered to win!!!!!:)

Here is the prize ya’ll!:



Please click the top baby blogs link to the right side of my page to vote for me to be number 1!!  Let them know you love me!  🙂  It’s a brown button labeled top baby blogs.  Once you click on that button two little owls will pop up-click the one to the left to vote for me.


One thought on “Barbara Bummer Giveaway Monday!!!

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. AH! I know exactly how you are feeling right now – i was right where you are… 9 months ago…. some memories just don’t fade..yet. 🙂 BUT i had to try to win this Sunshine painting because this is the title of the song i sing my son every night before bed and when he’s fussy or upset (trust me – i know, maybe one note, but my son always smiles).

    Your blog is real and honest and i am SO HAPPY i found it….. you are simply darling. BUT the name Harper – the name i have lined up for a girl – so see… its all completely serendipitous for me to win! 🙂

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