I’m just not like the old me.

I’m like a turtle. Being on my back is bad news. Usually it takes much thought and even more kicking/reaching/pulling to get up from said position.


I’m like a rotisserie chicken at night.
Enter the bed.
Turn to the left for 45 minutes.


Turn to the right for 45 minutes.



Lay on my back for 20 minutes.
Grunt, moan, streeeeetttttcccchhhh, pull, reach, push, snort…to get on my stomach after building my belly supporting pillow mountain. 20111120-230746.jpg


Lay on stomach an hour.

I’m like a hovercraft. Once I find my seat of choice I have to grab whatever is beside it and hover briefly until I gain the confidence to plop all the way down. It’s really jut a matter of making sure I’m cleared for landing sometimes.

I’m like a sprinkler system. Interpret that however you like.

I’ve been thinking a little. a lot. Harper…bunny…Why do you keep kicking my back!? It frustrates Mommy. I can’t sleep, sit, stand, walk, breathe, or lay down with any comfort! LET GO OF THAT SPINE!!!


I’M WATCHING YOU MISSY!! I KNOW you’re up to something. I can feel it. Deep in my pelvis…a place where you didn’t used to venture. Do you have lightening rods in there? I feel like I get zapped with lightening every few hours. It’s shocking!!! I have to stop everything I’m doing and gather myself. And breathe!


I’ve also been thinking…you’re probably not going to come out on your own free will. I’ve cried and pitched fits about this daily. But I think I’m just giving up on hoping you come in the next few days and start shooting for december 2. That is when the new womens center opens- and kid, IT’S THE BOMB. You totally would love to be born there. PLUS —MOMMY IS CONSIDERED A VIP PATIENT AT THIS FACILITY! ANNNNND….What if you were the first born baby at the new facility?! I bet you’d score all sorts of brookwood medical center swag for that! I might even get a t shirt! Who knows!


But Bunny, I’m tired. I need someone to remind me everyday that I can do this. Because it’s getting harder than I expected.


Of course, WE LOVE YOU! Come see us soon!! MUAH



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