Birds and bright lights

It happened. I made it through thanksgiving dinner without going into labor. I either wanted Harper to come before or after. NOT during!!!! Good work.

Now on to the good stuff. The food. There were around 12 of us to feed. We had enough food to feed 42 people! It was awesome!!!

You have to see it to really get the full effect.





I’m so glad that thanksgiving didn’t fall on the early days of pregnancy. I can’t imagine staring that beautiful bird in the beasts And having to run away from it to dry heave.

Moving on…TO CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!
I’m not going to lie…I started decorating 2 weeks ago…maybe in wishful thinking…you know-“oh I won’t have time for all this the day after thanksgiving…after all I’m SURE Harper will be here!!”
This only means I’ve had more time and thought to put into decor! I must say…it looks lovely.












Nice, right?

Next year I won’t start so early and we will have a little helper!
I can’t help but wonder what next year will bring! What traditions will we start? Will we have the big Christmas dinner at our house or will we be somewhere else? What will we get Harper? A pink three in one trike? YES!!! and snow…will we get a white Christmas?!! Maybe we will get that this year! I got one last year and it was fabulous!!!:) the day dreaming could go on for hours about what it will be like!!

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