And so it has begun

The weekly packing of my bags.

Every week since I was admitted to the hospital with zero belongings and no way to charge my phone-I pack a hospital bag before my appointment! I keep a separate bag in the cube with clothes for Harper, John, and I…but I need the extra security bag!

What do I keep in the bags?

Well for the bag that stays in the car I have:
Newborn onsies, winter fleece outfits, hats, socks, and pants.
One swaddle that I like in particular from swaddlekinz.
House shoes
Hospital gown (okay I bought a fashionable gown for after pictures 🙂 )
Large leggings
Button up pj tops
A sweater
Pj bottoms
johns shirts
Johns socks
Johns pants
Johns book (the birth partner lol)

In the bag I pack every week:
Maternity bra
Tooth brushes
Tooth paste (I know the hospital has it-BUT last time, I had an emergency and NEEDED it ASAP.)
Travel size shampoo/conditioner
Nail polish (John is under contract to paint my nails if they appear to be in shambles.)
Nail clippers. (don’t want to scratch the baby. Or john.)
Digital camera w memory card
Shaving razor
Body spray
Make up
And the two most important: my blankie and phone charger!

Im sure I forgot to mention a few things but lets be real, I’m not getting out of bed and digging through the bags right now!

Maybe I shouldn’t bring them. Maybe it’s bad luck? Maybe if I bring the bags the doctor will tell me to wait until the 42 week to induce.


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