The 39 Week Post



Well, folks, if you live in the state of Alabama, you know what today meant! Game day for two of the southeast’s biggest rivals! Auburn vs. Alabama! FUN!!! John, Harper, and I went to my Auntie Kays to catch the game in her theater and to hang out with the family! Fun family…good food…nice little nap…success!

I owe my auntie Kay and cousin Mckenzie a big THANK YOU for coming and helping me get my nursery together after the big crisis. It is almost finished!! So exciting!




It’s that time again…time for the pregnancy stats!!!

How far along? 39 weeks. (9 months and 3 weeks pregnant ya’ll!!)

Baby size: about 20 inches long and around 6.5-7 lbs. (BIG ENOUGH!!!!)

Weight gain: Well I’m for sure steering clear of that evil scale the day after thanksgiving!

Cravings: Cranberry Sauce, fish sticks, ice cream, sushi…AND FOR THE GRAND FINALE…. PEPPERMINT MARTINI!! I know… I know… I can’t hit the bottle. It’s the darndest thing to crave after the scent of booze would leave me running to the nearest toilet gagging! It just must be the christmas season getting the best of me. Maybe one day this month when I am taking a break from breast feeding and have some stored I can have one!

How do you feel?

I feel maxed out. Everyday I have a thought of “I can’t possibly do this ANY LONGER!!”. Some days the back pain gets unbearable. Most days actually. Nothing triggers it or makes it better. Leaving me even more frustrated. When I stand I have to really concentrate because it just plain hurts. I can feel my back and pelvis straining to gain balance and control over me…and it isn’t steady. I lay awake at night every night watching John sleep wishing I could do that too. Usually around 3am I will get to sleep. THEN THE CONTRACTIONS AND CRAMPS START UP AROUND 5AM. 😦 It’s a miserable feeling. It’s hard sometimes to keep my spirits up. People notice when I’m in pain because I just zone out and try to concentrate on breathing and making it go away. I have had several people question if I was okay this week!

I am SO ANXIOUS about everything…how will John and I take care of the baby at night…do we do shifts and schedules? Will I be okay without him once he returns to work? What if I can’t keep the house in order? Will I feel like a bad mom? Will I need help to recover from my delivery? I’m scared!!!!!

What I’m excited about:

Finishing the Nursery this week

Painting our new cabinet in the kitchen.

Our next DR appointment monday!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME MY BODY IS DOING SOMETHING…ANYTHING!!! And if not, please talk about induction in the next week! I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter what!

church Sunday.

Going out to eat.

Cooking another turkey this week! 🙂

Well that is all. If you are feeling frisky and you like my blog, click on the vote for us button on the right side of my page. It’s a brown button. It will ask you if you are sure you meant to vote, just click the left owl and I will be voted for! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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