Oh baby

Well I guess we all knew she would have to be served an eviction notice.

Well, miss Harper…you have just been served.

Today seemed uneventful. We woke up around 8-9. John had his coffee while I snuggled in my pillow mountain in the bed for an hour. after a good pillow motor boating I decided to get out of bed and fluff my hair.
After all-I was promised sushi before my doctors appointment.
We ate at rock n roll sushi -and it was DELISH. Best place in the ham for sushi I think! The waiter casually told us we would probably have a baby today. Haha, Jeremy…I know better. She never wants to come out!

Fast forward we go through the usual checks at the doctors office. She noticed I was still measuring a little small so she said shed send me for a casual ultrasound just to see what Harper was up to. No big deal. This happens every couple of weeks.
Before we left for the ultrasound she set us up an induction date! How exciting. We can FINALLY see the light at the end of this pregnancy tunnel!

December 6th. That’s when we would meet Harper! Woohoo!

We skip and hop to ultrasound.

Then we get to see our chubby baby.



Hello chubby bunny!!!!
Get this. The ultrasound tech let us know she has BIG HAIR! Many of you may not know that I have a blonde Afro if humidity allows. GIANT hair. Always have. It’s much cuter on a baby than an adult. I digress.

Then…the ultrasound tech let us know that Harper was measuring 3 weeks behind and we needed to head back over to talk to the doctor. Odd-they never send me back. I honestly thought that meant I’d be pregnant another month to let her grow. (please no more of this pregnancy stuff!!!)

The doctor lets us know that we will be sent to labor and delivery. WHAT? I mean I know I want her now-but I thought I’d have more mental preparation to drive myself nuts worrying about D day! Now I have to cram all the anxiety into a day!

Luckily I had our bags packed! Like I do every week.

So here we lay in the hospital with foley bulb inserted (OUCH).

And we wait. I have a feeling this part of the process will be hard so keep us in your thoughts. Especially John…he may have to visit the battered women’s shelter.

Updates to come if I’m not in too much pain!:)




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