Birth story part 2

Picking up where I left off- at 2:30 I was prepped for an emergency c section. It was lightening fast for me. I was briskly wheeled to an operating room while John went to tell my family the situation. He wasnt allowed back in until I was completely prepped for surgery.

On my end I was in the operating room trying to either focus on the bright light above me or breathing. I was transferred onto the operating table…which was super scary because if thy had dropped me I couldn’t feel my legs! After working at a hospital for a good while I knew that I was in good hands. I knew these people did this everyday and wouldn’t let me fall in the floor. That really helped to think about the experience they had. There was SO much going on in the room. I think there were 6-8 people involved in my care.
I was visibly scared and shaking (the anesthesiologist asked me if I was cold…no sir…I’m freaking out!!! -so he must’ve given me something for my nerves. I just assume this because he asked a minute later if I felt any better-and I only slightly did, but was more drowsy than before. Which was fine. It allowed me to just shut my eyes and try to concentrate on not being cut open!

2:52- I hear Johns voice and open my eyes to see him walk past the curtain and sit down at my head and he comforted me-although he looked a little majorly
freaked out. Apparently I was already open on the table when he walked in-I was unaware! And nobody warned him!

2:53- I am told I will feel pressure-which I didn’t! I could feel that my body was being moved a lot because it shook my head, but none of that pressure I’d been told so much about.

2:54- We hear Harper cry for the first time!!!!! It was so fast!!!! I looks at John and he tells me she is here!! They lift her above the curtain so I could see that she was okay…she was perfect, I wasn’t worried that a single thing was wrong! Things are blurry after that. I remember John getting up and taking pictures on my phone. I was able to watch him on a flat screen by my face that was pointed at Harper.

Shortly after she was brought over to my face so I could kiss her and officially say hi. She was so pretty.

After that big production she was sent along with her daddy to my hospital room while I was being sewn up.
John says this took forever, and he was really scared for me because he had seen me cut open and how shaken I was-but I had no concept of time. I just shut my eyes and thought about what she was like and thought about how she would act and how it would feel to be with her. I knew she was safe with daddy so I never worried about that.
I think around 45 minutes later I was taken to my room where John and Harper were waiting on me! She was crying and I just cried all over again and watched her get cleaned up and examined. They brought her over to me so I could have her on my bare chest. I can’t explain how it felt to hold her and finally be with her or how I felt about John and seeing how much he loved her. It’s just something one has to experience to know what it feels like!

She must’ve been hungry because she almost immediately nursed. I don’t think either of us knew what we were doing but I felt better thinking she had eaten a little.

We were finally taken to our new room and allowed to tell our family to come meet Harper! Everyone came up and held her and took endless pictures! I was really excited for everyone to finally meet her…I was so glad they could now touch her with their own hands!

After the smoke had cleared and the camera flashes died down, everyone went home and we got to spend our first night together as a new family. 🙂 John and I both decided that she was perfect!


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