Another week…another 100 diapers

How has another week flown by without me posting a single darn thing?!?

I do have free time to dilly dally but for some reason, writing isn’t my top priority these days. I’d much rather shut my eyes or lay down! When I’m not dilly dally-ing you can probably find me:

  • staring at a crying baby with a puzzled look on my face.
  • feeding said baby.
  • burping the same princess mentioned above.
  • sniffing the air wondering what that smell is.
  • changing a poopy diaper.
  • yelling “oh no!!!” as I get peed on while putting on a fresh new diaper.
  • Changing the new diaper to an EVEN NEWER diaper since the flood gates decided to open.
  • re dressing the baby after the double diaper change.
  • yelling “oh no!!!!” (and asking for help if John is home) as I am showered in what can only be described as exorcist style vomit.
  • stripping myself as quickly as possible to get the wet old milky clothes off of me and into dry attire.
  • stripping Harper of her clothes for fresh ones.
  • looking at her wide eyed after hearing what could only have been a NATO bomb detonating in her pants.
  • laying her in her crib for some shut eye after much drama.
  • Pumping milk for 15 minutes.
  • Cleaning my pumping supplies.

Even though sometimes it can get stressful doing several of these things all at once, I think that being home with Harper has been better than both John and I expected it to be.

He has returned to work and we have a pretty good system worked out for getting up to take care of her. He will stay up until 11-12 with her so I can go to bed early or nap as I please to prepare for the night ahead of me. From midnight until 5am I will respond to all of her cries and try not to wake John up in the process. After 5 he will take care of her cries until he has to leave for work- hopefully giving me a few extra hours to sleep in order to make up for getting up in the wee hours. It was difficult at first but it is much easier now that I know when I need to nap. If I feel tired I just need to give in and go to sleep because I am not tired every single time she naps. And many times I can’t just go to sleep because she is ready for bed.

I like the idea of getting every other weekend off from the early morning shift. It’s nice to be able to get a longer stretch of sleep after 5 days of waking up every 2-3 hours during sleep!

This week, Nanny got to meet Harper after much anticipation! I could tell she was really excited and just super happy to finally meet her! John and I are both very lucky that we have grandparents to meet her! It makes me so happy to know that she gets to experience the same Nanny that I did my whole life and also that I was able to give Nanny her first great grand daughter!

Speaking of family – I must also mention how lucky we are to have the great families that we do! It’s really clear that they would do anything for us and Harper. They are incredible and such a huge help!

Big things happening:

  • Not my stomach anymore. THANK JESUS!
  • Harper will have her second DR appointment Wednesday. I’m excited to see how much she has grown because at the last visit she was doing really well with weight gain! The doctor said it is because she is an exclusively breast milk baby! It’s rather empowering to know that I alone supply my baby’s nutrition and that she is flourishing because of it!
  • Christmas is approaching FAST!!! That means lots of dinners and lots of plans!

Goals this week:

  • To clean this house in preparation for Christmas guests.
  • To go see christmas lights around town.
  • To post on the blog at least 3 times!
  • To finish wrapping presents.

Until next time ya’ll….







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