The Publix Debacle

I’ve decided that I have a case of the Mommy Heebie Jeebies.

I’m not exactly what switch was flipped when Harper got here, or how to turn it off for that matter, but I am so easily creeped out these days!

I am constantly on high alert. At night, I have bionic ears. I hear the peeps the little one makes…but that’s not the problem. I hear creaks, cracks, and bumps in the night. I work myself into a near panic thinking that someone could be in our house! It takes me forever to get back to sleep some nights because I wonder if someone is in our house and will TAKE MY BABY!! I know…this is crazy right? AND THIS IS ONLY IN MY HOME! Imagine the way I feel in public! The news is probably partly mostly to blame for these irrational fears.

Let me lay out my most recent Publix visit.

At first I feel as if a man is following Harper and I around the store. The guy even got behind us in line and made sure to talk to us -after following a little too close the entire store visit. Men looking at my baby creep me out in any setting…when they talk to me and my baby…the fear escalates! Maybe it’s because I feel like men are bigger and stronger than me and they would win a fight if I had to defend us? Who knows. And the evil news doesn’t really shed any good light on men looking at babies.

Moving along…I am watching the cashier ring up my groceries and happen to look over at the bag girl as she lifts up a bag and slings it into the buggy…ON TOP OF MY BABY’S FACE!!!! Her face. A bag!!! With 2lbs of meat and 2 loaves of bread in it!!! IN. A. BAG.

Using my cat like reflexes I immediately pick the bag up before Harper has time to freak out and tell her that there is a baby in there and she can’t sit stuff on a baby’s face!! I know what you’re thinking…I was a little too nice. I must add, I suspect the bag girl as being a little…slow? I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was just not right.

ANYWAYS…as I was paying for my food, said bag girl moves between my cart (with my baby in it) and I. She starts to push it OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. Does she not know my immense fear of someone taking my baby?!?!?? Maybe she is too young? Maybe she is too slow? I’m not sure, I just know I had a meltdown! I teared up and told her not to go any further and that I would not need her to take my food the car and ran away so I could make it to the car before I continued to further melt!

I am not upset with the girl now, it was just a series of uneducated mishaps I guess. I’m sure Publix doesn’t have any policy on what their employees should do when a child is in a cart. And I’m sure the girl didn’t MEAN to put a bag on the baby, she just wasn’t thinking clearly…or maybe she had vision problems?

SOOOOO this brings me to the scariest thought ever. One day…far from now…I am going to lose sight of Harper for a brief couple of seconds. I am going to have that heartbreaking feeling of “where did she go?!?!?!?!”….I’M NOT READY FOR THAT!!!!

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