The exciting, perplexing, and obsessive.

It’s not surprising that I STILL haven’t had enough time for the blog lately! Between watching Harper, random chores, working, and trying to get an online business set up…I simply haven’t had time! So…sorry! I will try to do better!

On to the good stuff!

I feel like every day I love Harper more! Not that I wasn’t in love with her from day one, but now she just does so much more! It’s the stuff that lets me know she recognizes me and that I make her happy that makes me so excited! I love when I can make her smile and get excited! These new happy interactions make it REALLY hard to get anything done these days! I spend a lot of time just looking at her and trying to get her to make new sounds or faces! FUN!

Ya’ll, SHE CHANGES SO MUCH EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I have to take pictures everyday so I don’t forget anything!

Exciting things:

  • Harper is now 8.9 lbs and 21 inches long! My milk must do a body good!
  • She is also starting to smile as of last week! I got a few pictures of her first happy session!
  • I think my hair is growing back to a legnth I like! It’s taken so long to get here!
  • Johns once evil scale now says I only have 7 more lbs to lose to be back to my pre baby weight!
  • I have jeans! I finally accepted the fact that I needed to buy a couple of pair and to quit having frivolous arguments with my old jeans.
  • This week I go to my first post partem visit…let’s hope all is well down there because for a few weeks, I was for certain that THINGS had been re arranged downstairs. I was very suspicious of my doctors intentions. If only you could see my google searches from that week. If only.
  • John ad I went to our first movie in 3 months! The girl with the dragon tattoo was great!
  • I had 3 purchases from my ETSY store this week! Great start!
  • Harper got to go with me to Chad and Kelllie’s baby shower! Soon she will meet her new best friend, Lily!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

Perplexing things:

  • Harper’s B-hole. The things it does are just questionable. The sounds… The vibrations… The whole production!!! GOSH!
  • My left boob. It’s OUT. OF. CONTROL. I’m worried it has a mind of it’s own and will start taking on it’s own personality that I will have to deal with. Will I have to talk to it? Will it want to go out to all nighters? Will it not have my same taste in clothes?
  • John’s sleep talking. I’ll be honest…sometimes the thing he has to say in his sleep freak me out. For instance…I’m afraid of ghosts being in our house. I never discussed this with him. Because…well he already thinks I’m crazy. One night in a deep sleep he raises up and says “THE GHOSTS..” I look at him hoping that’s not what he said…and questioned him. he says: “THE GHOSTS ARE ANGRY. THEY ARE FIGHTING” OH MY GOSH. MAKE IT STOP! I’M ALREADY FREAKED OUT AT NIGHT. MAJORLY FREAKED OUT!!!!!!!

Things I’m obsessed with:

  • Keifer. It’s this delicious drink. It’s the sweet nectar of life. It tastes like yogurt…blueberry yogurt! And since I really can’t have milk it’s a great alternative! it’s 99% lactose free and gluten free. AND DELICIOUS!!!!
  • Reality TV. It’s getting out of hand. Teen mom, mob wives, RHOBH, RHOA, Jersey Shore, Baseball wives…….the list goes on because I didn’t list the shows that are out of season!
  • Lady Gaga
  • Well rested eyes concealer from Bare Minerals.

Well even though the night is young…seeing as I will be back up at 3 am with a certain little princess…It’s time for me to go to bed! Nighty Night!

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