To each her own

So lately I’ve felt like I don’t have time for anything! In reality I do, however it never really lines up right. For instance…I may have plans at 10am tomorrow…but if tonight is a bad night for us-I don’t feel up to doing anything and we sleep in until 11. Well, there goes half my day! Then Harper and I wake up and guess who needs to eat, use the bathroom, and be entertained? ME!!! Lol but guess who GETS to do all of these things first…duh! The tiny pretty person I hang out with all day. There’s 45 minutes of our time. Soooo…I skip the part where I get jazzed up, eat, and…well ok, i still get to use the restroom. So…when we do get around to getting actually productive things done-I look like a street tramp with my ratty/frizzy/dark rooted hair. Not that anyone’s looking at me when I’m carrying around a little beauty queen.

You get where I’m going with this. We NEED more relaxing time! SO we have started making it a point to do something fun every week!

Last week Harper and I went to eat lunch with our friend, Timeka. 🙂 she’s having a sweet baby boy soon! The. We can have sweet play dates!!!

ALSO last week I made time for myself. I got a little jazzy and went to a glass making class with my good ole kickball buddies Karen and Nikki! It was nice to have a break from my normal nightly activities.

Today Harper and I went to a moms league of Birmingham date! We met all sorts of fun mommies and sweet babies! It was good for her to have all that stimulation and GREAT for me to be able to talk with a group of women with little ones! We even went to eat lunch afterwards! This will be an every week kinda thing!

What does tomorrow hold in store for us?
Maybe…a baby wearing walk?!!! I’m fairly sure for myself-I’ll get a little extra me time because Harper stayed up until 11 tonight. She’s usually in bed at 8! Wowzers! But it was for a fun time with her uncle Colten’s 30th birthday! She thoroughly enjoyed being passed around and bounced!

Hopefully we can keep a weekly routine of baby time day/mommy time day activities! 20120125-233609.jpg20120125-233644.jpg20120125-233711.jpg20120125-233723.jpg20120125-233734.jpg20120125-233752.jpg





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