3 Months!



How has this happened? Why is every minute of every hour FLYING BY?????? My sweet beautiful baby is 3 months old today! Every single day she does something new. It’s so exciting waiting for the next cute thing she has to show us! I am so fortunate to have a man who completely provides for us so that I can stay home with Harper. I would be SO SAD if I missed her daily milestones because she was in daycare.

Milestones this month:

* She makes this little sound that we are SURE is the beginning of her laugh! It’s like a big inhale gasp sound! I absolutely cannot wait to hear the full blown laugh!!!

* She legit reaches and tries to grab and touch things now. Her right hand is pretty accurate…but that left one…he’s a tricky one. Lefty doesn’t seem as much in control as righty! But she’s getting better and better EVERY day!20120229-233837.jpg

* I’ve noticed that in the past few days she will reach to hold her binky in her mouth…as well as bring her hands up to touch her bottle while I feed her. I can get her to briefly hold on to it…we are SO close to her realizing she can hold it up there!20120229-233851.jpg

* She will FINALLY sleep in a 5.5 hour stint at night! HALLELUJAH!!

* She hangs on to my shirt when I carry her. I especially love this one because it makes me feel like she is attached to her mommy! ๐Ÿ™‚

* She celebrated her very first Valentine’s Day AND Leap Year this month!

We are still 100% breast milk fed and LOVIN’ IT!!!!! It still makes me feel so great about myself to know that I alone provide my child’s nourishment. AND she is growing like a weed, so we know it’s pretty effective! Her legs are ROLL CITY, ya’ll!!!

She 100% without a doubt ALWAYS recognizes Mommy and Daddy. We have people over and she will look at them like “that’s not my daddy”…then scan the room, locate Daddy, and display a huge grin on her face like “I FOUND DADDY!!!!”.

EVERYWHERE I take her we get compliments. The compliment we get the most is on her behavior! Everyone talks about how quiet she is when we are in public. She is almost always super quiet when we go out. Every baby cries of course! But she is a good baby for sure. She likes to get out and see people…and especially to ride in the car! I think that’s her favorite thing to do these days.

Every day I love her more. It’s true that you don’t know what total happiness is until you have a child to love and to receive love from. I’ve noticed that I talk and interact with her SO MUCH more than I did when she was just a few weeks old. Back then everything was new. She would cry and I would just look at her and watch her cry as I held her and not say a word. John would question this- I remember feeling really guilty because I didn’t know what to say to her. I’ve talked to other moms and they felt the same way I did. She’s a new person to me, I had to get used to her and learn what she wanted to hear. I’m still not one of those moms who sings to babies, but I think talking is just fine! I haven’t read to her yet – but John has and it’s REALLY sweet! I will probably start that soon!

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It’s odd how every year I’ve always put so much pressure on Valentine’s Day…you know…
The whole “What are we doing” “what do I get him” “will I get flowers” thing…

This year everything just fell into place without any of the normal pressures. The day before, I received some lovely flowers, chocolates, and a teddy from John and Harper. I left a new pair of running shoes he wanted on the bed for him.
The actual day, while I was working out (yes, you read that right – I gave in and signed up for a fitness program.) , John cooked my favorite, BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA and banana puddin! ๐Ÿ™‚ YUMMMMMMM!! It was all so perfect and effortless. (well…he put a lot of effort into that pizza dough) Just not a lot of pressure! I knew I’d have 2 sweet dates for the night and that was a very special feeling! I’m so fortunate to have had the best Valentine’s day in my life so far!





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I can’t believe it’s not butter.

For over a week my car has smelled just like BUTTERED POPCORN.

It’s not bad, it’s just very odd.

John got into my car last night and even noticed the butter smell.

It was a mystery.


It was a dirty diaper. Yes. A poop diaper.


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The Ethel Experience

Oh Harper…if only you could’ve met your GREAT GREAT Aunt Ethel! Yesterday was her birthday…I was thinking about all the fun stories you will hear as you grow up about her. If she were around today she would probably have already set up her own bedroom in our home. She might scare your dad. She comes on a little strong, but she means well. If she were here you’d probably have already tasted chocolate ovaltene. When Colten, Mckenzie, and I were kids we LOVED to go see her! You know why? She loved us so much, she’d let us do ANYTHING. I mean anything. Some of our good memories of Ethel involve us all walking to the “Milk Jug” (Golden gallon gas station) down the street, and LOADING UP ON CANDY. It was bananas. We would grab as much candy as our little arms could hold! Then to top it all off, your GREAT GREAT uncle Bob would buy us some scratch off Lucky 7 Lotto tickets! This trip happend almost everytime we all went to see Ethel. We would come home and get all geeked up on candy and run around like crazy people! She would let us jump on the bed, build forts, and play with make – up. (well, your uncle Colten probably didn’t play with the make up…unless he colored with it- entirely possible.) After a wholesome dinne of Cheese Balls and Ovaltene we would fight ruthelessly over who got to sleep in the king size bed with Uncle Bob. There was usually only one winner, and the rest slept with Aunt Ethel. Around 6AM, if you weren’t awake- by george- she would make sure you woke up soon! (I assume because she wanted so badly to play with us) She would be vaccumming and slamming doors and drawers as loud as she could until we finally rolled out of bed!

Some things that Ethel was known for:

  • Being a little pushy
  • She liked to play jokes with us. Particularly chasing us around with wet coffee grounds saying it was poop!
  • Her extravagent christmas gifts for us kids. When I was around 5, I had the biggest TV in our entire household thanks to Ethel. We still have this TV!
  • Dressing us up in black garbage bags when we wanted to play in the snow.
  • Her bedtime story of “Hi and Sigh”. McKenzie and Colten may only be the two other people in the world to know this story. It’s pretty rediculous…I can’t really tell you the story until you are MUCH older- but we would beg her to tell it at night!
  • Her sherbert punch. She would make it at every gathering, and we LOVED it! I’ll make it for you one day!
  • Her impeciable driving. Wait no…that’s not right…it was her ability to even scare children who didn’t know how to drive with her driving skills.
  • Putting bright T shirts on both front seats of her white Lincoln town car because it “scared the birds away.
  • For littering, then, when question by one of the kids, she would say “The birds will eat it”
  • Chia pets.
  • Her fake grass covered porch.
  • Speeding through a stop sign by her house in order to hit a large bump in the road because we all loved the way it felt to have our stomachs in our heads as we bounced over it! (That’s illegal by the way, so never do that)

AND HER FAMOUS…SUGAR TEETS!!! I think when we were teething she would make these, and then we just wanted some sugar later on, so she still made them for us.

A sugar teet is a wash cloth wrapped around a hunk of sugar then tied with a rubber band- then…SUCK ON THE TEET! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Who does that? Aunt Ethel…AND US KIDS!

She was always known for her generosity and if she were here today, there’s no doubt in my mind she would get you ANNYTHING in the world that you wanted. She spared no expense on Me and my cousins and was always offering to help others. She was a kind (and very funny) soul, and I do wish you could meet her! But don’t worry, little one, you will enjoy the stories we have of her!

Here are a few pictures to let you know what she looked like:




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We gots tricks!

As you already know…or as you’ll soon figure out..you will find these handy dandy ways to make your kid shut up. Okay that was harsh.
But really…sometimes you just find things that your baby loves. These things may be odd. They may be unconventional. They may make you look like a complete bafoon. BUT trust me, you will do this whole dog and pony show to make that sweet smile appear and to scare away that little person screaming at you!

We like:

BOUNCING. Okay, so you think that’s fine. But people, we are talking EXTREME bouncing. The kind that other people would be scared to do with a baby not of their own flesh. Harper likes motion. LOTS of motion. And not that mamby pamby rocking stuff yo mamma did back in the 80s.20120209-230056.jpg

The double…or TRIPLE swaddle.

Listen. This kid could probably break into a bank and steal ya gold coins. She can break out of a swaddle like it’s nobody’s business. You know what happens when babies break free from their swaddles? THEY ATTACK THEMSELVES!!! What? Yes. Attack. Everytime I find her arms free in the morning, I usually see the battle wounds on her poor sweet face! Those claws are ruthless. Sooooo…we will swaddle her once. Swaddle her twice. AND put her in one of those fancy swaddle things sold in stores… see photo below.20120209-231437.jpg20120209-230211.jpg

If all else fails…FLIP THE BABY!!!
If Harper is yelling at me…she’s fed, burped, bounced, kissed, etc…and doesn’t stop…I’ll FLIP HER OVER! She will lift her head up and stare at “Mr. Light”. He’s a lamp beside my bed, and she is entranced by him. It works half of the times! As for the others…we try the rest of our tricks!20120209-230524.jpg20120209-230430.jpg20120209-230335.jpg20120209-230300.jpg

The Baby K’tan.

Okay…I have spent several of my trips to the store, the zoo, the playground, etc…pushing a crying baby in a stroller. Apparently my legs cannot create the same exact motion feelings a 2010 Nissan Cube can make. SOOOOOO I decided to be one of those baby wearing moms. LOVE IT. And so does Harper. We got the Baby K’tan a week ago and tested it out with a brief walk with the Sergeant. It was…sort of a success. I was wearing it wrong. I’m sure our neighbors were peering out the window whilst on the phone with children’s services reporting me for having a lop sided baby on my chest…but whatevs.20120209-230504.jpg20120209-230612.jpg

NOW we have it down pat! The instructions were missing in my box, SO I obtained a set and we are all good now. We had a GREAT trip to Costco today. Harper was totally into looking at everything AND everyone! It was lovely!20120209-230629.jpg

Bathies time

Sometimes I have a….well…um…er…

AN ANGRY MEAN YELLING BABY!!! There, I said it. Sometimes I feel like she’s just unhappy for no darn reason. You know the remedy? Turn the jaccuzzi tub on, grab the bumbo (WHICH IS NOT, I REPEAT NOOOOOTTTT MEANT FOR BATH TIME) and jump into the bath tub! The bumbo is not meant for bath time because if you are not firmly holding it down on both sides, it WILL flip. So, don’t do this. But I hold it down with both of my legs while she is in it and submerge part of her body – SHE IS IN BABY BATH HEAVEN! She loves it. I think if I sat there for 5 hours she wouldn’t make a peep. Today, she was having an episode. I promptly stripped us both and turned up the bubblies! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO20120209-230655.jpg

I call it…the bumbo, pillow, burp cloth, bottle holder-upper. I needed to do a couple things in the same room (because you never leave a baby unattended while a bottle is propped up) soooooo…I did this little jazzy trick! NEAT-O.



That’s all, ya’ll!!!

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It’s Wednesday?

But wait…What happened to last week?!?!? Every week goes by LIGHTENING fast!! I feel like I blink and it’s already a new month! How is this so? We do something everyday!

Last week

Monday and Tuesday -were spent doing a combination of cleaning, being lazy, and listening to a baby yell at me.

Wednesday -we had “the incident.” (Ya know…the one where an infant plumets to the carpet from the bed as I run in slow motion towards her to no avail- resulting in me feeling like a terrible mother…yea that incident.)

Thursday – THIS WAS A BIG DAY!!!!! We went to the zoo and met BIRMINGHAM BILL!!!! Bill is a cute little rodent. He receives quiet a bit of attention this month. You see, Bill must have these crazy varmint super powers that gives him knowledge of the upcoming weather for the next 6 weeks. What a lucky little fur-ball. Bill told us that we will have 6 more weeks of winter.
But…um…Bill…I think you lied. Why are you trying to toy with the general public’s emotions? Chattanooga Chuck didn’t see HIS shadow…so maybe he’s the guy to listen to. To be honest…Bill, you seemed a little shaky. Maybe the result of withdrawals? I’m just saying…maybe you need to enter treatment. Regardless, you are cute. And soft. And you let us take a picture with you…so it was a fun day!





When we got home on Thursday I decided to take Harper and Sarg on a short walk. We didn’t go more than 1/4 a mile and on the way back I noticed he was having a VERY difficult time walking. It was like he couldn’t pick up his head or tail, and his feet were sort of lazy looking. To me he looked as if all his joints were in pain. We were almost home and I was pretty sure he was going to lay down and not make it back. This was a big concern for me because how the heck are we going to get a 157 lb dog back home?!? Luckily he made it back.

Friday we made a trip to the vet…only to find out that Sarg has a condition called Wobblers Syndrome. We are supposed to go to a horse orthopedic doctor to talk about treatment – hopefully non surgical. We can’t afford that. It’s actually a condition involving a vertebrae in his neck that causes poor gait and eventually paralysis. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ BUT some dogs live full lives without severe symptoms until they are well up in their age. Let’s hope for the best! I wan’t Harper to be able to play with him!

Also on friday we took off to Chattanooga to spend the weekend with my parents, grandmother, aunt, and uncle! FUN!



We left Miss Harper with my parents on friday to hit the town…we played a few games of pool, ran into a few familiar faces..







Ran into KYLE FROM TEEN MOM!! I know. You’re jealous. I had a little episode of jumping up an down and screaming in high pitched tones. After gathering myself – I was able to ask for a picture!


Saturday consisted of a BUNCH of eating!

Sunday, on the way home we stopped at FoodWorks in Chattanooga to get their famous chicken and waffles…DELICIOUS! I can’t wait til we can eat more!



Then we got back home safely and got to relax! I napped while Harper and John watched the super bowl. It was glorious.

Monday and Tuesday of THIS week were uneventful except for Harper’s doctor visit.

Today we did a TON of laundry. Cleaned for a good hour while she napped…then, we were off to the park to meet the other moms! Our visit was short lived because I didn’t dress for the weather and decided to wear new shoes for the first time to a park. STUPID! I limped back to the car pretty quickly. Then we came home for BATHIES!!!!!!!!!! I love bathies because Harper is SO HAPPY AND CONTENT in the tub with me! We probably stayed in there 45 minutes! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


After Bathies, my dear Tom was delivered to my house (minus his giant kitty rocks). He was a little drunk and ready for some Harper time. She slept through the entire kitty-time.20120208-230306.jpg





Now, after a fish taco fail on my part, it’s almost bed time! Maybe if I’m lucky she will sleep well tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,




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It only burns when I pee

So for the past couple of days we have noticed that when Harper pees – SHE SCREAMS!
Not a normal baby cry…an ANGRY cry. Kicking…fists clinched…TURNING PURPLE!!! IT’S BAD.

I got worried that she may have a UTI and it hurts when she has to pee. So today we headed off to the doctor! We found out that she may just have a mild yeast infection that can be fixed with some cream in just a few days! YAY!
They also told me she weighs 10.5 lbs!!!!!
For real, ya’ll, my milk must have super powers. I hope she keeps growing at this rate because it makes me feel empowered that I provide her nutrition and she is thriving on it!

Even though we had a rough start to our day…there were some good things that happened today! I made some shredded chicken enchiladas that were top notch. I’ve never made them before, so I was pretty proud!

I also put together a photo-worthy outfit!




Top, shorts, and belt from LOFT
Necklace from Urban Outfitters

You gotta problem with this?!?

I think a lot of new moms have this problem. Feeling judged by others on how they care for their child.

We let it get to us because really…who wants to feel like a bad parent ever?! Nobody. Especially not GREAT parents!

I find myself feeling judged for:

  • Not washing new clothes or packaged blankets before I use them on my baby.20120201-211859.jpg
  • Having a baby sitter watch our child.
  • Being a little more public than most people.20120201-212650.jpg
  • Forgetting to put socks on Harper.
  • Not knowing what’s wrong EVERY time she cries in front of people.
  • Not catching every nail that grows too long, causing her to scratch herself.
  • Pumping breast milk instead of letting her latch on.20120201-211928.jpg
  • Changing her in public and not going to the restroom. (Might I add, I had a terrible first time restaurant changing experience!!!)

Things I would probably be judged for if everyone knew: (Well, NOW YOU KNOW! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  • Going to the nail salon with Harper.
  • Not using a special detergent for baby items.20120201-211835.jpg
  • Starting her on rice cereal before the recommended age.
  • Letting her wiggle off the bed into the floor! ( Ok, maybe I judged myself much more than anyone ever could for this one!! UGH!!! I may cry again!!)
  • I use different brands of diapers!!20120201-211921.jpg
  • I’ve forgotten wipes in my baby bag before and had to just change a pee diaper without wiping! (Whoops)
  • Sometimes in the early mornings when I go back to sleep with Harper…If I’m super lazy, I will let her just suck on my pinky finger until she goes back to sleep instead of getting a pacifier!

Oh and I also hide in bushes dressed as a panda.20120201-211958.jpg

None of these things are harming my baby, and I have to keep reminding myself that John and I are the two people who know what is absolutely best for Harper. A lot of people will try to help us out or even bring us down- but nobody is better than us for her. We have done good so far with making a perfect baby, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

That is all.

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When it rains…

Lately when one thing goes wrong in my day, it’s like the rest of it falls apart shortly after!! Really, I should know better than to go out and do anything after getting off to a bad start.

This morning Harper and I were supposed to meet the other moms at the park to play..but we awoke to a MONSOON in Birmingham. Great. No big people time for me.

Then some good news- Auntie Dana wants to meet us for lunch and a mani/pedi!




So this was perfect. As I’m getting ready I set Harper propped up on a pillow on our bed. I go to grab a shirt to wear for myself and turn around to see her inches away from the edge of the bed. I start to run towards her but there’s no stopping it.

She falls over the edge and hits the (carpeted) floor!!!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOSH. As soon as she landed I was at her side and she looked at me like I had smacked her and just starts bawling! :*( I was SO sad. I felt like the worse mommy in the world! WHY couldn’t I have made it before she fell!! Why didn’t I think she could wiggle off!!??? UGH!!! After starting to cry myself, and getting her to stop crying, I figured out that she was okay. (Me, not so much).

But we rallied. We had a nice lunch with Dana and a nice Mani pedi.

I did however kind of ruin my mani by buckling Harper in. But that’s okay!


We stroll over to the Belk to find Momma a new pair of shoes. You see, my big fat pregnancy foot must’ve ravaged my shoe because the toe blew out. I was still wearing my pedicure flippers through the store. After no real luck with shoes that I could see myself wearing while taking care of a child, I started to smell something peculiar. Guess who made me something? I go to retrieve a diaper from my bag – and I’m out!! I know I have a back up supply in the car so we high tail it outta there! On the way to the car, I ATE CONCRETE. The baby was lucky she was in the stroller. I ruined my newly done toes! And have a crater in my foot. Ouch.

SO, tomorrow, if we wake up to an issue…you know what we are going to do? Go back to sleep.



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