You gotta problem with this?!?

I think a lot of new moms have this problem. Feeling judged by others on how they care for their child.

We let it get to us because really…who wants to feel like a bad parent ever?! Nobody. Especially not GREAT parents!

I find myself feeling judged for:

  • Not washing new clothes or packaged blankets before I use them on my baby.20120201-211859.jpg
  • Having a baby sitter watch our child.
  • Being a little more public than most people.20120201-212650.jpg
  • Forgetting to put socks on Harper.
  • Not knowing what’s wrong EVERY time she cries in front of people.
  • Not catching every nail that grows too long, causing her to scratch herself.
  • Pumping breast milk instead of letting her latch on.20120201-211928.jpg
  • Changing her in public and not going to the restroom. (Might I add, I had a terrible first time restaurant changing experience!!!)

Things I would probably be judged for if everyone knew: (Well, NOW YOU KNOW! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  • Going to the nail salon with Harper.
  • Not using a special detergent for baby items.20120201-211835.jpg
  • Starting her on rice cereal before the recommended age.
  • Letting her wiggle off the bed into the floor! ( Ok, maybe I judged myself much more than anyone ever could for this one!! UGH!!! I may cry again!!)
  • I use different brands of diapers!!20120201-211921.jpg
  • I’ve forgotten wipes in my baby bag before and had to just change a pee diaper without wiping! (Whoops)
  • Sometimes in the early mornings when I go back to sleep with Harper…If I’m super lazy, I will let her just suck on my pinky finger until she goes back to sleep instead of getting a pacifier!

Oh and I also hide in bushes dressed as a panda.20120201-211958.jpg

None of these things are harming my baby, and I have to keep reminding myself that John and I are the two people who know what is absolutely best for Harper. A lot of people will try to help us out or even bring us down- but nobody is better than us for her. We have done good so far with making a perfect baby, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

That is all.

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10 thoughts on “You gotta problem with this?!?

  1. You ARE a GREAT mommy!!!!! I’m so very proud of you and John. Everyone else needs to remember that they’re not anymore perfect than you are!

  2. Even if you are the greatest parents in the world which i know y’all are– people will find anything they can to say about how you parent your child or children. Just wait until she is old enough to discipline. You will really hear some things then. I have caught myself from time to time wondering why certain parents do certain things but i have realized not every parent is the same and they are not going to do the same things with their child that I’ve done with mine. Their is no reason to judge and the one’s that do are not so confident about their parenting skills. You and John are doing a fantastic job ! Cannot wait to see you and Harper again ๐Ÿ™‚ Love y’all

  3. Everyone has their own way of doing EVERYTHING. I don’t think people judge you quite as much as you think. And you’re nuts if you think every mom knows exactly why their baby is crying each time they cry!

    While not washing your baby’s clothes and blankets in a special detergent may work for you, I will say that some babies have serious reactions to the dyes, perfumes and chemicals in “grown-up” detergent.

    Same thing with not washing clothes and blankets before first use. Most clothing is shipped to stores with chemicals inside the packaging to keep the items fresh, clean and bug-free. Not washing the clothes (and blankets) before putting them on your baby exposes him/her to these chemicals and can cause a bad skin rash.

    Truly, of all the things you listed, I would guess the only thing anyone would consider “controversial” is not using the recommended detergent and not washing new clothing before dressing your little one. But! The important thing is that YOUR baby isn’t reacting to YOUR laundry process at all.

    I’d cut yourself some slack!

    PS – I see babies in nail salons all the time!

  4. Oh dear, I do most if these things too. Obviously I must be a terrible parent. Oh well, so far Baby hasn’t complained and he seems happy and healthy so can’t be doing that badly. Some people just have unrealistic expectations for all parents to be their idea of perfect.

  5. you are soooo awesome! I let Austin roll off the couch into the floor at 5 weeks old…he just kicked those little legs during nap time and off he went…luckily…carpeted…lol…oh well…just pray that she stays safe and she will.
    Love your blog…reminds me so much of the things I went through…you keep that positiveness free flowing!!! Miss you!

  6. Just found your blog on TBB and I’ve done at least 5 of these things- def more. I wouldn’t judge you at all for any of it. However, I am judging you for showing off an amazing postpartum bikini body! Do you have super shrink abilities?

  7. You are so funny, such great poses from you and even Harper joining in !
    I feel judge for things I do but hey whatever .. Most the things I think of are what you have listed above; like the not washing new clothes, being rather public about my life, Josh falling off the bed (I also cried about this) :s

    Lovely blog hun, found you on baby blogs x

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