When it rains…

Lately when one thing goes wrong in my day, it’s like the rest of it falls apart shortly after!! Really, I should know better than to go out and do anything after getting off to a bad start.

This morning Harper and I were supposed to meet the other moms at the park to play..but we awoke to a MONSOON in Birmingham. Great. No big people time for me.

Then some good news- Auntie Dana wants to meet us for lunch and a mani/pedi!




So this was perfect. As I’m getting ready I set Harper propped up on a pillow on our bed. I go to grab a shirt to wear for myself and turn around to see her inches away from the edge of the bed. I start to run towards her but there’s no stopping it.

She falls over the edge and hits the (carpeted) floor!!!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOSH. As soon as she landed I was at her side and she looked at me like I had smacked her and just starts bawling! :*( I was SO sad. I felt like the worse mommy in the world! WHY couldn’t I have made it before she fell!! Why didn’t I think she could wiggle off!!??? UGH!!! After starting to cry myself, and getting her to stop crying, I figured out that she was okay. (Me, not so much).

But we rallied. We had a nice lunch with Dana and a nice Mani pedi.

I did however kind of ruin my mani by buckling Harper in. But that’s okay!


We stroll over to the Belk to find Momma a new pair of shoes. You see, my big fat pregnancy foot must’ve ravaged my shoe because the toe blew out. I was still wearing my pedicure flippers through the store. After no real luck with shoes that I could see myself wearing while taking care of a child, I started to smell something peculiar. Guess who made me something? I go to retrieve a diaper from my bag – and I’m out!! I know I have a back up supply in the car so we high tail it outta there! On the way to the car, I ATE CONCRETE. The baby was lucky she was in the stroller. I ruined my newly done toes! And have a crater in my foot. Ouch.

SO, tomorrow, if we wake up to an issue…you know what we are going to do? Go back to sleep.



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