It’s Wednesday?

But wait…What happened to last week?!?!? Every week goes by LIGHTENING fast!! I feel like I blink and it’s already a new month! How is this so? We do something everyday!

Last week

Monday and Tuesday -were spent doing a combination of cleaning, being lazy, and listening to a baby yell at me.

Wednesday -we had “the incident.” (Ya know…the one where an infant plumets to the carpet from the bed as I run in slow motion towards her to no avail- resulting in me feeling like a terrible mother…yea that incident.)

Thursday – THIS WAS A BIG DAY!!!!! We went to the zoo and met BIRMINGHAM BILL!!!! Bill is a cute little rodent. He receives quiet a bit of attention this month. You see, Bill must have these crazy varmint super powers that gives him knowledge of the upcoming weather for the next 6 weeks. What a lucky little fur-ball. Bill told us that we will have 6 more weeks of winter.
But…um…Bill…I think you lied. Why are you trying to toy with the general public’s emotions? Chattanooga Chuck didn’t see HIS shadow…so maybe he’s the guy to listen to. To be honest…Bill, you seemed a little shaky. Maybe the result of withdrawals? I’m just saying…maybe you need to enter treatment. Regardless, you are cute. And soft. And you let us take a picture with you…so it was a fun day!





When we got home on Thursday I decided to take Harper and Sarg on a short walk. We didn’t go more than 1/4 a mile and on the way back I noticed he was having a VERY difficult time walking. It was like he couldn’t pick up his head or tail, and his feet were sort of lazy looking. To me he looked as if all his joints were in pain. We were almost home and I was pretty sure he was going to lay down and not make it back. This was a big concern for me because how the heck are we going to get a 157 lb dog back home?!? Luckily he made it back.

Friday we made a trip to the vet…only to find out that Sarg has a condition called Wobblers Syndrome. We are supposed to go to a horse orthopedic doctor to talk about treatment – hopefully non surgical. We can’t afford that. It’s actually a condition involving a vertebrae in his neck that causes poor gait and eventually paralysis. 😦 BUT some dogs live full lives without severe symptoms until they are well up in their age. Let’s hope for the best! I wan’t Harper to be able to play with him!

Also on friday we took off to Chattanooga to spend the weekend with my parents, grandmother, aunt, and uncle! FUN!



We left Miss Harper with my parents on friday to hit the town…we played a few games of pool, ran into a few familiar faces..







Ran into KYLE FROM TEEN MOM!! I know. You’re jealous. I had a little episode of jumping up an down and screaming in high pitched tones. After gathering myself – I was able to ask for a picture!


Saturday consisted of a BUNCH of eating!

Sunday, on the way home we stopped at FoodWorks in Chattanooga to get their famous chicken and waffles…DELICIOUS! I can’t wait til we can eat more!



Then we got back home safely and got to relax! I napped while Harper and John watched the super bowl. It was glorious.

Monday and Tuesday of THIS week were uneventful except for Harper’s doctor visit.

Today we did a TON of laundry. Cleaned for a good hour while she napped…then, we were off to the park to meet the other moms! Our visit was short lived because I didn’t dress for the weather and decided to wear new shoes for the first time to a park. STUPID! I limped back to the car pretty quickly. Then we came home for BATHIES!!!!!!!!!! I love bathies because Harper is SO HAPPY AND CONTENT in the tub with me! We probably stayed in there 45 minutes! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


After Bathies, my dear Tom was delivered to my house (minus his giant kitty rocks). He was a little drunk and ready for some Harper time. She slept through the entire kitty-time.20120208-230306.jpg





Now, after a fish taco fail on my part, it’s almost bed time! Maybe if I’m lucky she will sleep well tonight! 🙂

Much love,




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