The Ethel Experience

Oh Harper…if only you could’ve met your GREAT GREAT Aunt Ethel! Yesterday was her birthday…I was thinking about all the fun stories you will hear as you grow up about her. If she were around today she would probably have already set up her own bedroom in our home. She might scare your dad. She comes on a little strong, but she means well. If she were here you’d probably have already tasted chocolate ovaltene. When Colten, Mckenzie, and I were kids we LOVED to go see her! You know why? She loved us so much, she’d let us do ANYTHING. I mean anything. Some of our good memories of Ethel involve us all walking to the “Milk Jug” (Golden gallon gas station) down the street, and LOADING UP ON CANDY. It was bananas. We would grab as much candy as our little arms could hold! Then to top it all off, your GREAT GREAT uncle Bob would buy us some scratch off Lucky 7 Lotto tickets! This trip happend almost everytime we all went to see Ethel. We would come home and get all geeked up on candy and run around like crazy people! She would let us jump on the bed, build forts, and play with make – up. (well, your uncle Colten probably didn’t play with the make up…unless he colored with it- entirely possible.) After a wholesome dinne of Cheese Balls and Ovaltene we would fight ruthelessly over who got to sleep in the king size bed with Uncle Bob. There was usually only one winner, and the rest slept with Aunt Ethel. Around 6AM, if you weren’t awake- by george- she would make sure you woke up soon! (I assume because she wanted so badly to play with us) She would be vaccumming and slamming doors and drawers as loud as she could until we finally rolled out of bed!

Some things that Ethel was known for:

  • Being a little pushy
  • She liked to play jokes with us. Particularly chasing us around with wet coffee grounds saying it was poop!
  • Her extravagent christmas gifts for us kids. When I was around 5, I had the biggest TV in our entire household thanks to Ethel. We still have this TV!
  • Dressing us up in black garbage bags when we wanted to play in the snow.
  • Her bedtime story of “Hi and Sigh”. McKenzie and Colten may only be the two other people in the world to know this story. It’s pretty rediculous…I can’t really tell you the story until you are MUCH older- but we would beg her to tell it at night!
  • Her sherbert punch. She would make it at every gathering, and we LOVED it! I’ll make it for you one day!
  • Her impeciable driving. Wait no…that’s not right…it was her ability to even scare children who didn’t know how to drive with her driving skills.
  • Putting bright T shirts on both front seats of her white Lincoln town car because it “scared the birds away.
  • For littering, then, when question by one of the kids, she would say “The birds will eat it”
  • Chia pets.
  • Her fake grass covered porch.
  • Speeding through a stop sign by her house in order to hit a large bump in the road because we all loved the way it felt to have our stomachs in our heads as we bounced over it! (That’s illegal by the way, so never do that)

AND HER FAMOUS…SUGAR TEETS!!! I think when we were teething she would make these, and then we just wanted some sugar later on, so she still made them for us.

A sugar teet is a wash cloth wrapped around a hunk of sugar then tied with a rubber band- then…SUCK ON THE TEET! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Who does that? Aunt Ethel…AND US KIDS!

She was always known for her generosity and if she were here today, there’s no doubt in my mind she would get you ANNYTHING in the world that you wanted. She spared no expense on Me and my cousins and was always offering to help others. She was a kind (and very funny) soul, and I do wish you could meet her! But don’t worry, little one, you will enjoy the stories we have of her!

Here are a few pictures to let you know what she looked like:




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