It’s odd how every year I’ve always put so much pressure on Valentine’s Day…you know…
The whole “What are we doing” “what do I get him” “will I get flowers” thing…

This year everything just fell into place without any of the normal pressures. The day before, I received some lovely flowers, chocolates, and a teddy from John and Harper. I left a new pair of running shoes he wanted on the bed for him.
The actual day, while I was working out (yes, you read that right – I gave in and signed up for a fitness program.) , John cooked my favorite, BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA and banana puddin! 🙂 YUMMMMMMM!! It was all so perfect and effortless. (well…he put a lot of effort into that pizza dough) Just not a lot of pressure! I knew I’d have 2 sweet dates for the night and that was a very special feeling! I’m so fortunate to have had the best Valentine’s day in my life so far!





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