Airing dirty laundry

Getting her started on chores early.




You definitely ARE my sunshine!!

Dear Harper,
I can’t believe I’ve been fortunate enough to have been with you 4 months already! Tonight I sat with you in my arms for an hour as you slept, knowing you were all set to go in your crib, but I just couldn’t put you down. I want to hold you forever sometimes. I’m so afraid of the day that you will no longer want to be held or cuddled with by mommy! I’m trying to soak all of you in that I possibly can. You make mommy and daddy so happy. You are a love we never could’ve imagined. Everyday you show us something new, and everyday we notice you are growing up. I wish I could keep you this small and cuddle with you forever and ever!!
Early on, we taught you to sleep in your crib. Only on two occasions have you slept in our bedroom: once for severe weather and last week when daddy went out of town you got to sleep in his spot with me. I LOVED it.


20120330-011458.jpg I understand how parents get attached to children sleeping in their beds!!! I know you are safe because I can reach over and touch you and there are no walls in between us.



In the past months you have:
* started smiling bigger.
* You have started taking real baby food mixed with mommas milk now! Exciting!!!

* Learned to make more noises and you make them for a long time now!
* you learned that with our help you can stand up like a big girl and that gets you super stoked!
* You made your Auntie McKenzie a custom birthday card!s
* You had your very first celebration of The Daddy’s birthday!

* You celebrated your first St. patty’s day!
* You also got to celebrate Boompas birthday too!

* Still-your ultimate favorite times are had in the bathies! You have now figured out how to stick your tongue out and taste the water! It’s so cute!!!!


You’re just growing too fast!!!!

One thing I always notice when you’re put in crowded situations with lots of faces or new people, after a while, I see you scanning the room for The Mommy and The Daddy, and when you find us we see a smile or a sense of comfort come upon your face. Even when we are all three together you will keep looking back and forth at us both to make sure we are both there for you, it’s good to know we are. Sometimes all it takes to calm you down is to hear daddy’s voice while mommy holds you or vice versa. Even being so little you show us the importance of teamwork and relationships. I love you more than anything in the entire world and that will never change. I’ll see you around 8am and you can come sleep with mommy for another hour until we r up for the day!!:)

-The Mommy

The Peepers

So today I had an EYE OPENING experience. Literally.

I went to work out at Pure Barre.

I have been having problems with my eyes more than normal lately. My contacts won’t stay in, especially if I sweat and it runs down into them.

So today, I opted to wear my giant thick glasses to class.

With half of the exercises I would have to take my glasses off – which was fine because I have a lot of them memorized.

At one point, I had them off and looked around the room at the other women and realized that if the women hadn’t been moving, I would NOT be able to distinguish them from just objects in the room. It’s that bad. It’s scary to think I couldn’t see a human in the same room as me. It’s scary to wonder if my vision continues to get worse. In the state of Alabama I am on the brink of LEGALLY BLIND. In 5 years I think that I will be legally blind officially. That’s crazy stuff. It’s scary to think my contact could fall out during a car ride, and I wouldn’t be able to drive home the rest of the way!

This is what my vision looks like on the left without my glases. The right is what it should look like.


So, now I am considering Lasik. I didn’t consider it an option earlier because
A. It is expensive.
B. My eyes were so quickly declining, I needed to wait until I reached a plateau so that my eyes wouldn’t change back quickly.

Now to investigate!

4 Months Old

Tomorrow I will be holding a 4 month old.




Things change and develop every day! Something I say and think over and over again is : “We will never get these moments back.” It’s so true. Just the other day almost immediately after John got home she rolled over for the first time for him to see! He had impeccable timing!

Things Harper has taken to in the past month:

  • Sleeping regularly 5-6 hours straight.
  • Eating baby food out of her bottle mixed with breast milk.
  • Reaching and grabbing more accurately.
  • Showing major attachment to me.
  • ROLLING OVER!!! (front to back)
  • Standing when we pull her up by her arms. LOVES THIS!
  • Baby mum mums.

Thinks I’ve learned lately:

  • Harper isn’t so fond of bananas yet.
  • She sleeps so much better with me. (I know…I can’t get her used to that!)
  • She likes to hang on to something while she sleeps. (Just like me!)
  • In the “witching hour” She needs to be face down on my chest with her binky in mouth whilst being vigorously bounced to sleep.
  • John and I both need our time away from her each day. We love her with everything we have, but we just need a break.
  • Harper gets mad when we eat and she isn’t eating.






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Dramatic?  Okay, so I want a pumpkin patch.  How will this work?  Not sure.  All I know is that almost everything I plant dies.  I hope my dream doesn’t die 😦  The plan is to plant in June for 120 days of growing to be ready for the season!  I will further advise.




Harper’s Puppy

Baby Harper,

I got your puppy, Sarg,  back in the summer of 2010.  Way before I ever knew you would be in the picture.

I had a name fore him before he was even born.

He was 8 lbs when I picked him up from the breeder.


I would carry him around EVERYWHERE.  It was redic.


Then he kept growing, and growing…  Eventually I bought him a bigger car.


He is now 155 lbs.

He loves his fury friends.



But now that he has met you he loves you too!  He showed me last week that he would protect you if ever there be the need.  And trust me, you want something of his size on your side.






I really hope that he can be healthy enough to stay around for you to play with because you will love him!  He has a genetic disease called Wobbler’s Syndrome.  It’s not very good, but hopefully with medicines he will be a good puppy for you to play with for a few years!


The Mommy

Just a couple of girls in a material world!

My whole pregnancy, I swore I wouldn’t be one of those moms who has a tub full of their old baby clothes.  That’s hoarding right?

BUT now that I have Harper, she has some swag I think I’ll never be able to let go of!  My favorite is her polka dotted bear suit from Carter’s!  I MELT EVERY TIME I SEE MY LITTLE BUNNY  BEAR IN THIS!!  I love it.  I want it in every size so she can wear it even though she’s growing!  We keep our house cold at night so it’s perfect for Jammies time!  I’ll NEVER get rid of this!







I also think I’ll hang onto this fleece vest our Auntie-Kay gave us!  So stylish!  And it goes with almost anything to jazz it up!


I REFUSE TO LET GO OF ANY OF MY HATS!  EVER. I spent my whole pregnancy picking these things out!  They were my obsession!  I wish we had gotten a REAL winter so we could’ve had more use out of them!  Oh well, maybe with our next baby we can still use a couple!



Her first Valentines day TuTu and onesie!



This is another one that makes me melt.   Love it.  Already bought it in a larger size lol!



Her first Christmas outfits!



Her moose outfit!  This is what I’d planned to take her home in , but she was so tiny it didn’t work out!  SHAME!


This trendy little Carter’s set!  Loved it!  Had it in newborn, bought it in 6 months because I wanted to see it in action once again!


I just couldn’t wait another single day to share this…

Get ready. You’re going to die. The following pictures are THAT cute. The only thing keeping me from posting this sooner was that I wanted to mail out the ACTUAL pictures to my family first!









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Paint the town…Bright pink and with Spikes?

John and I have been fortunate enough to be able to go out once every couple of weeks and paint the town.

It’s always fun…HOWEVER…I’ve noticed a trend.

I don’t fit in anymore.

See Photos Below:

These are of me next to my new friends out on the town!

My shoes resemble the dude’s shoes the most. This is sad?




Babies cry. They just do.

Babies are so random.

Such a wide spectrum of emotion!! Everyone always wants to tell me why my baby does what she does but the truth is…she doesn’t speak English so nobody KNOWS what she wants ALL of the time. Her mornings are pretty consistent. VERY happy! The happiest she will be ALL day is in the morning after her beauty rest! After that-it could be a poopy, sleepy, sad, mad, gassy, or milk-drunk mood. At ANY time. She could be smiling and cooing and in the blink of an eye SO MAD that she’s turning purple for no reason that I can see! That’s just what babies do. I trust my instincts and if something is REALLY wrong I know and will take her to a doctor if i cant fix it. I like feeling that way. All that “I know what my babys cries mean” stuff baffles me. I don’t. I don’t speak that language. One day my baby will say: “mommy, I’m hungry”…”mommy, I want more peas cotton candy”…”mommy, I pee pee”

ONE day!:) I’m happy for the days I have now but even more excited for what’s to come our way!


Here are a few of our emotions:








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The luck of the family




Happy (late) St. Patty’s day!!!!! The holiday of luck?

We have that.

We are one of the luckiest families I know.

We have a healthy, beautiful, sweet, happy, growing baby.

We have a hard-working Daddy who makes sure that Mommy and Baby are taken care of and able to spend all their time together.

Daddy Loves his great job.

Mommy loves her great job of staying with baby and helping out a family business.

We have extended families who go out of their way to show they love us.

We have a beautiful perfect home that our angel of a realtor helped is acquire.

We have animals that love us and are soon to be terrorized by a toddler. 🙂

We have LOVE.

We have FUN.

Those are my two favorite. There’s nothing more that I NEED. I have every “thing” in the world the only thing I want is to stay as lucky as I am or be even luckier! 🙂



The Daddy and The Birthday

Dear Harper,

Wednesday was a very exciting day…you know why? It was Daddy’s birthday! HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY WITH YOU!!!!! (Well you were there last year spying on us- but we just weren’t onto your ninja ways yet). This year you helped me get Daddy’s birthday present. You were there the WHOLE time memorized by quiet a FEW processes we had to go through to get it. You even got to take a SUPER SPECIAL TWICE IN A LIFETIME RIDE IN THE CAR WITH MOMMY! I’ll tell you about this ride when you’re older and others won’t judge me as much for it. But you LOVED the birthday gift excursion! We had to make sure we had exactly the right thing for daddy and it was something big! After all, Daddy doesn’t spend much time or resources on himself these days because he is always at work or with us, so we needed to give him something to enjoy. So he got the 47 inch TV he’s been wanting since we moved (maybe even before). Now we don’t have to always talk about how “the ole TV is on the fritz again”!

Mommy painted Daddy’s “Man Cave” ALMOST all by herself. When it came to painting the pink roof I needed help finishing, but with about an hour of help, all was completed making the man cave a little more polished an and a little less…PINK. You may want the pink back later in life. Take that up with Daddy. We had a few other celebrations for Daddy before this, but on his actual birthday was my favorite to see because you were there to watch him blow out his birthday candles! I wonder what he wished for! Maybe he will tell us in a few years 🙂

You’re so lucky to have such a spectacular Daddy that will always take care of you just like my Daddy did. He will always be someone you can run to when you feel scared, hurt, sad, or just excited and ready to play! Cherish that every second you have and you will reminisce on how great he is when you get older.

Next year will be exciting because maybe you can help Mommy a little more with Daddy’s special birthday surprise! 🙂



The Mommy


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Service with a smile

Since back when I was pregnant, I started to really notice how people in public treated me. I noticed that for the most part, people were SUPER nice to a pregnant lady. (Probably because they knew how bad it sucked.) BUT sometimes I would find myself getting smacked in the face with a door that the guy in front of me didn’t have time to hold. Or I would be struggling with getting something off a top shelf and an employee at wal mart would just walk past me. These days I don’t deal with that anymore. I know where I get good service and I ALWAYS come back to those places!

Here are a few examples of some pretty rockin’ establishments:

* PUBLIX (in Pelham)-20120316-225320.jpg Every since I moved to Alabama, I have LOVED publix! They ALWAYS carry my groceries out to my car! ALWAYS!!!! Their employees always say hello and ask me if I need help finding anything. One day I even called ahead to the Deli because Harper was fussy,and they had me 2lbs of my favorite meat sliced and waiting on me! I love my publix so much I ask for specific people to help me! My fresh seafood butcher always asks about Harper and tells me how his 4 kids are doing. I have 2 bag boys that are both equally entertaining! There’s Matthew (a little on the special side) who will without a doubt quiz me on my favorite disney characters the whole way to the car AND while he loads my groceries. And then there is Barry, an older gentleman who always offers to help me load up Harper in the car and tells me how great of a mother I am. They never ask for anything in return and I’m so grateful for their service!

* Pet Supply Plus (in Pelham)20120316-225951.jpg…the kids that work in here are so helpful! From the get-go they will go grab my dog foods and walk me to the register, then proceed to follow me to the car to load up! Always providing some comical conversation. Love it!!

* Then my favorite: PIZZA HUT!!!!! (only the one on hwy 280) 20120316-225327.jpg

While I was pregnant I noticed how sweet everyone was (and got to know them since I came in 2x a week lol). Then I started to call in advance right before I left to go eat there, I would ask amy, charlie, and (insert sweet other lady waitress’ name here) if they could put me a cheese, and a pepperoni pizza in the oven. They ALWAYS did! And when they would see my little car roll up, they’d put a mountain dew on my table waiting on me! 🙂 During busy hours, sometimes folks would get to my custom made pizzas before me. Sad face. BUT then one of their former employees (Charlie) would tap me on the shoulder and let me know he made 2 pizzas just to make sure I got mine! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Once you go out of your way to make me feel welcome at an establishment – I’m hooked! Even if it’s out of the way- you can guarantee I’ll be back!

Love, Bell


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Today’s look: Gender neutral stripes

Everyday as I dress my daughter, I soon after begin a quest. Inside of my own closet.

Quest for what? You ask…

A quest for something of my own to MATCH her!!!! 🙂

I sometimes wonder if she will be embarrassed I did this when she gets older-but hey, my parents did it to me-so why not do it to my own offspring?!

This is sort of a catch up post-as I plan to do many more posts on this topic! So here’s what you’ve missed in the last few weeks:











The Pure Barre Experiment

I guess this was inevitable. My last 5-6 lbs of baby weight will not just magically disappear -as my delusional mind previously thought.

I still have:

* THUNDER thighs.

* A lot of JUNK in my trunk.

* A little SMUSH in my stomach.

* Bat wings that a goose would be jealous of.

SO…after hearing a lot about the program from locals AND a friend of mine raved about the program…I SIGNED UP!

You heard it right. Signed up for a series of workout classes. I never thought I would say that in my life.

It’s hard. The first day I was the only new girl in class. I was late. Everyone stared at me as I nervously rushed in and tried to figure out where I needed to stand in the room full of mirrors and perfectly fit girls. We started to work on our arms with a series of up and down movements…THEN add some leg movements that are supposed to synchronize with the arm movements TO A BEAT.
I looked like the cheerleader in a competition that is on a completely different routine than the rest of her fellow cheer girls! The whole class went down, I WENT UP. They went right, I WENT LEFT. And everyone could see because we are facing giant windows! Argh. Next we started working on our “seat”. Have you ever seen a newborn deer getting up to walk? This was me during most of the class. Knees knocking and legs shaking like sweet little Bambi. NOW, picture Bambi sliding around on a icy pond. This was me on our floor exercises. Nobody sent me the memo that I would need skid proof socks to maintain my bearings and not skid across the whole room. Next comes these crazy sit ups. I am the only girl in class that can’t get up! I look like a flounder flopping around on the floor.

Class ended, and as I walked to my car, all I could think of was Bill Cosby’s jello giggler commercials. Luckily I parked close, so my jello jiggler legs got me to my destination.

The classes get easier and easier, proving to me I am making progress. I measured myself the first week I started going, and I plan to re measure in 2 more weeks to see any real progress. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on here about my THUNDER, JUNK, SMUSH, AND BATWING situation.

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