Today’s look: Gender neutral stripes

Everyday as I dress my daughter, I soon after begin a quest. Inside of my own closet.

Quest for what? You ask…

A quest for something of my own to MATCH her!!!! 🙂

I sometimes wonder if she will be embarrassed I did this when she gets older-but hey, my parents did it to me-so why not do it to my own offspring?!

This is sort of a catch up post-as I plan to do many more posts on this topic! So here’s what you’ve missed in the last few weeks:












One thought on “Today’s look: Gender neutral stripes

  1. That was so awesome! Please post more photos of you and your baby in a matching attire. I love it! ♥ I have no babies of my own, and ever since I reached the age of 25, i have always dreamed of being a mom (to no avail). I will keep hoping. Someday I know I’ll be able to post a photo like this: with my baby.

    For now, I’ll take pleasure in looking at your pics. ♥ Sheena

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